Behind the Music with Defanico on You Make Me Feel


I am a character from the cosmos, I am a Citizen of the world so I write music that reflects my attitude and experience.

My music is universal and honest.
Music to me is wide open possibilities. I believe that people will love my new video, it has a great animation production.  

'Oh you can make me feel you can rise above like a cloud of steel till the break of dawn feel the crawl of the lovely sound. ' A quote from my latest song.

I was first introduced to music through my mother. I have a natural talent for imagining melody. I hear them inside me head and I try to focus on one instrument or idea at a time.

The process...
All the ideas are noted in my cell phone as quickly as they come. I work out the music on my equipment before pairing up with some amazing producers to bring each piece of work to life. 

In Mexico city there is a very active electronic music scene.
We also have a flourishing rock music interest here in the city. I am very involved in the music scene here and I've been focused on bringing alot of energy and renewed vibrancy to my work.

Favorite quotes.. 
"Music is the language of God" Beethoven and "Without music life would be a mistake" Nietzsche.

Our new album is also about to be released.

Song Title: 'You Make Me Feel'

Live interview
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