New Release from Defanico 'Children of the New World'

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Artist: Defanico

New Release: Children of the New World

Genre: Genre Rock. Sub-genere alternative rock

Defanico is a musical project that has the necessity to write smart lyrics that spread consciousness and positive messages. This song is a beautiful composition and we tried to keep it universal. Our influences go from The Beatles, Queen, Depeche Mode, all the 90´s brit pop bands like Pulp, Suede, Oasis, Radiohead, etc.

The instrumentation has guitars, bass, synths, electronic sounds, drums and all the voice sections. The song is significant because it has a great message: "Children of the New World" Bliss is a state of mind The more you practice it the more it'll become A natural part of thee so you can be free. When everything seems to fall apart Know the infinite lies inside of you It could be right for thee It's the place to be. hello hello hello!

We are the children of the new world you can find us everywhere ushala la la ushala la la la la la la la la la la. Cherish everyone as a dear friend Not as an enemy or someone apart of you In every part of thee In every part of me.


The music we are creating is...
The world need positive energy and profound lyrics, nowadays a lot of negative energy is around the corner and a lot of bad messages are spreading to the new generations, the video of this song won best animation.

Everyone loves our music, take a chance to listen to the complete catalogue, it has a lot of diversity that can suit all tastes and we just signed to Etna Recordings a Swiss label.

Right now we are...
Yes we are very excited that we released our new video "You Make Me Feel" an original that proves that we are multi-dimensional beings and we are also about to release our new album entitled "In the Realm of Possibilities" our best album so far.

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