New Music Video from Defanico 'You Make Me Feel'

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Band Name: Defanico
'You Make Me Feel' It´s a great piece of electronic music an interesting fusion of house, nu disco and the 80´s new wave.


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Defanico is an electronic music producer collaborating with producers, musicians and Djs.

I enjoy producing electronic animation videos. The 'You Make Me Feel' video is a true masterpiece of animations and originality. This video shows a girl meditating in her apartment, a moment later she falls into a deep trance and connects with other dimensions (we are multidimensional beings, this dimension is known as 3D, but there are plenty of other dimensions like 5D, 6D, 7D, etc) an entity suddenly appears, then the other dimensions are revealed and her heart chakra opens. Back into this 3D reality her apartment begins to burn, but she remains firm in her meditation and sacred geometry from other dimensions is shown to her.

Then she appears in another dimension and she has the material square, she gives it to the entity and the entity devours the square, at the same time some guys try to save her in this third dimension from the fire, but her apartment explodes and the entity touches her sixth chakra and opens her pineal gland. Spiritual worlds open and she finally sees the universal truth. When she comes back into this dimension she has a lotus flower in her hands (the lotus flower represents wisdom). Moral "Internal we are eternal¨ "Meditation leads to liberation"

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We are in a new world and this new age meditation and healing music is received best with those who have acquired a specific taste for this kind of enlightenment. Electronic music for studying and concentration can be very healing music with a chill vibe opening the mind to new heights.

I come from the constellation of the Pleyades. Before I was born when I was in the belly of my mother she took me to a Rolling Stone´s concert, that night The Cure was the opening act. Since I was a little kid I listened to melodies inside my head I thought everyone had that skill but when I became a teenager I found out that it was a gift "I still listen to melodies and songs nowadays." Music has been my passion through the years and I admire David Bowie, Prince, Massive Attack, Beethoven, Wagner, Chris Cornell, John Lennon, Tchaikovsky, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Damon Albarn, Gustavo Cerati, Beck, Freddie Mercury, Depeche Mode and Thom Yorke.

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