Behind The Music with Derek Lee Goodreid on Damned

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Band Name: Derek Lee Goodreid
Song name: Damned
I live in: Oslo, Norway but I am from Australia

When I get up on stage and share this inferno of feelings, love, hope, loss, hate for injustice and everything in between, well that's what makes life worth living for me.

 Damned deals with my lifelong battle with PTSD and finding the strength to get help and moving past the nightmares of the violence that was done to me when I was younger. My music is packed with a blues-infused rockabilly punch peppered with soulful songs of being a light that overcomes the darkness within and around us.

Damned is an interesting song as I started to play more Rockabilly and upbeat music. The influence of the past, in particular, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley's music and their struggle with their own demons helped me create something new and fresh sounding with my own personal lyrics of fighting demons. I think my music will continue growing by being respectful of the past but looking to the future and creating music that not only moves their feet to dance but their hearts and souls.


After a concert in my hometown of Fremantle (West Australia), I was told by a well-respected musician that I should sing and play to as many people as possible. Before that I wasn't sure if I was good enough, now I play with more confidence and a great big smile on my face.

Music to me puts a fire in my belly. To get up every day and share that fire with as many people as possible. I sing at home with my wife and son. I sing at my day job and even perform for the patrons during my lunch breaks with my guitar. 



Jacqueline Jax speaks with Derek Lee Goodreid about how to determine your musical direction and merchandising when your thinking about music career planning. He also discusses his truth with PTSD and suicide in regards to his new song “Damned’. Music has been part of his healing process and his outlet for the emotional turmoil he struggles with. If you are having trouble and feeling isolated or depressed, you’ll want to connect with Derek and Jacqueline as they are no doubt positive influences to have in your life. People can save each other and music is a huge connector for forging that change. How you impact people every day is the best gift you can give yourself. Listen to the episode.

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jorgemunoz1778My inspiration lays in the darkest pits of man. The destitute and vengeful corruptors lay in the flames of sin. I aspire to endure the flames of judgement and proliferate the rarest of souls to another side of dogma away from lies. Musical expression is my medium of self expression as I create a world of my own formation away from the rhetoric that is implied by religions or conformity .

avaliveradio@jorgemunoz1778 poetic. Did you write that?

jorgemunoz1778@avaliveradio Yes, Thank you!

darinjellisonmusicI agree with Derek. For so many of us, performing isn’t about “look at me, everyone!” It’s about letting it all out. Catharsis. It’s addicting and therapeutic.

joegallagherjrFor me, I would say the same is true. The whole spectrum of emotion is covered. When I write, it’s like a prism

tiona_music_journey_I’ve written the best songs after I experienced it.

thekristinmouraThe haters.. ..they make great songs

homerikofficial#darkmyths#greekmythology #egyptianmythology#gods #monsters

avaliveradio@darinjellisonmusic It's definitely a careful balance. As a musician you must be out there in the public but it's a little tempting I'm sure to just put the music out there anonymously for people to enjoy without the hassle of taking the personal attacks.

avaliveradio@thekristinmoura oh yes they do. And they push you. It's like a little needle egging you on.

thekristinmoura@avaliveradio mhmm

avaliveradio@tiona_music_journey_ I can see where that would inspire for sure. What inspires you more.. Hurt or Joy?

1mrjackdawHearing people sing my songs to me; a video of a toddler dancing to my instrumentals: in a summary, the sheer unadulterated love of my tribe 🙃❤️ is an expression that keeps on giving.

avaliveradio@caramel_dmv what do you like about each piece of music you publish?

caramel_dmv@avaliveradio When I'm writing, it gives me a sense of freedom to just let it all out & to be me. From the storms I've been or go through to the views & events that go on in this world. When I put that pen to the pad...I can feel good knowing that with my songs I at least reached one soul, got the wheels turning in someone's head and/or got a much needed conversation started.

karisakay76It is all about anyway I can add to ones day or life for me. Hopefully someone can be comforted or helped in some way by what I do!! 🎶❤️🎶

theofficialniff@avaliveradio My story!! Having a Voice

thecocoscottI like that! Best of luck to you and your career!

hanna_voxI really love the expressions in this quote, like inferno. Really cool

tiona_music_journey_@avaliveradio both but probably more hurt

jacquelinejaxI’m inspired by people.

carmentoth111Awesome! Sounds like it probably got really deep. I should check it out🤘🏻💜

elenadelavega219You just touched my heart ❤️

jacquelinejax@elenadelavega219 thank you.

thecocoscott@jacquelinejax yes, I agree. Life is pretty easy when you break it down to that simple truth

soulwyrebeatz 🏾

talentederick yo this is dope DM @ TalentSpotlite I have their name in my bio

realtalkbeatz Watup, hit me up, let's work 🙏

bert_toprk İyisin 💗

killzbeatzuz ⚜️boss⚜️

themikefreundband Another good quote

george_becker68 Right on ... great awareness

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