Australian Duo DESTINY Band Oz releases ‘Hours in a Day’

Destiny Band Oz.png

New Release: HOURS IN A DAY


DESTINY Band Oz ‘Hours in a Day’ Album - ‘Changes’ Composed by Thomas and Tessa Libreri DESTINY Band Oz is the performing name of Australian singer-songwriter-musicians, Thomas & Tessa Libreri, who only released their first song to Australian radio in 2017.

DESTINY has since been blessed with amazing #1 and Top 10 chart successes, awards and nominations for their versatile country, rock and soul style original music releases. They’ve recorded 2 albums, an EP and will soon release another album of original songs called ‘Changes’ which reference changes in technology, relationships and the fast pace of life today.

DESTINY are proud to present their first single from the album called ‘Hours in a Day’ – which we can all relate to, as there never seem to be enough! This hectic, rockabilly song will really get you rockin’ along! Recorded by Chris Gale of Rezonate Music; vocals by Tessa Libreri; bass, rhythm and lead guitar by Thomas Libreri; keyboards by Chris Gale and drums by Darryn Farrugia. Available for download from all the usual online stores.

Being a musician today is a lot different to when we started out! For one thing, gear was so much more expensive (and heavy!) back then in comparison to today and the technology has come in leaps and bounds, everything is so much quicker to upload/download etc and with all the social media platforms today it's much easier to get your music 'out there'.






Really cool pic!❤️


I like this picture.. shows the true nature of grinding it out, carrying the gear, wearing the hats.. all@in order to share art with the world 🤘