Seattle Rock Band The Refusers New Music Video 'Disobey'

Disobey is the essence of rock rebellion. A song called Disobey by a band called The Refusers? That's the ultimate f**k you to the establishment! Politicians, corporations the media and government are manned by social engineers who consider themselves puppet masters pulling your strings. The Refusers and this song Disobey stand for freedom. Freedom from manipulation. Be yourself, not something stamped out of a cookie cutter mold. This song has obvious appeal in the current US political upheaval. 

Album Disobey, Title song Disobey.

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avaliveradioAlways willing to take a risk and say the things that no one wants to. Thanks for making this video. You guys never disappoint keep up the great work.

thekristinmouraLiking the visual

officialshimmerjohnsonThis is awesome! Feel free to check out my content! 🏆❤

Linda Martin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

AVA LIVE RADIO2 weeks ago

I think I'm going to vote for the talking head. I really like this. It's like pop art animation.

Hp Heemskerk1 week ago

great style like it all the way

Jacqueline Jax2 weeks ago

Another great video from you. Your right this one is even better and more interactive. Love it.

valerie cicco2 weeks ago

excellent !!! (y)

Girl Pow-R1 week ago

Really liking your animation style, looking forward to more music and videos. Keep rocking!

jorge cabrera1 week ago

Ahh reminds me of Talking Heads 🙌🏼

Jamie Parsons2 weeks ago

Another solid rock 'n roller from The Refusers! Solid song, Disobey features an armor-plated beat with solid performances and sterling production.

MisterMaxson1 week ago

I love what you guys are doing here! Keep it up!

Matthew Wright2 weeks ago

awesome visuals, really well animated. fits the music very well

Jen Hanson-JenU1 Entertainment1 week ago (edited)

I love the tie dye hippie vibe on this video.. very creative.! cool music.. I'll share

Krystal B's Muzik1 week ago

the lyrics really make you think!

Geoffrey Johny1 week ago

loving the message and the song is really catchy!

Tribe Of Fable1 week ago

We all love to disobey