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My music is a dream come true. Making music with old and new friends and in some cases people I never would have dreamed I'd play with.

Band Name: DJ Judge Show- Strength In Numbers
(The Fools Rush In vs. The Cosmic Crime League)

Person Interviewing: Odell Robinson

Song name: Deconstruct (Ode to the Moms) feat. Cortney D and Charles Carrasco

The song is about the day in the life of a Mom with challenging children. Lyrics are written by Cortney DeAugustine who is a talented musician who happens to be a Mom of 3 kids. The music is inspired by Led Zep's song Kashmir, hence the "deconstruct"

My music is a reflection of my life. Good friends and a beautiful family. My project Strength In Numbers features some of the best musicians in the Sacramento area and from around the world.
My music is a dream come true. Making music with old and new friends and in some cases people I never would have dreamed I'd play with. It's rock n roll, it's a poppy, slamming good time.

 I play a unique instrument. I play 12 string bass. The bass is featured prominently on the song "Deconstruct.." My direction is forward, making as much music as I can with as many guitars as possible.  Its shame things are the way they are. From giggin' to record companies, the "business" is a drag. Being a musician today: The art of making music is better than ever. Technology has made it so I can record with someone in Italy or Brooklyn, NY (which I did.) Gear is crazy and fun to integrate into my music. Being a musician is great. Why you love to create music: It's just what I do.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?: I don't know who said it, but multiple people at some point or another have said to me, " Don't worry about it. Just do your thang!" So I do my "thang" with no fear... and I don't worry about "it".

Collaborative members:
DJ Judge- Odell Robinson Jr., Intern Little- Rosecherry, Inspector12- Odie, Frank7- Frank Garay,
The Kosmic Diva- Star Cannon, Mookie- Matt Evans, The Razor Queen- Cortney DeAugustine,
The Heavy Hitter- Sean Stack, The Mighty Kaihne- Stephen Bertagnolli, The Pope- Michael, Azzolino, Andee Blacksugar- Andee Black, The Tron- Danny Ross, O.B.G. - Reggie Washington,
C-Dub- Christian Wise, DB- Dennis Bodine, Joe Voodoo- Joe Whitworth, The Alchemist-Jason Pedri, Electric Mike- Mike Brooks, Leo- Jeanine Herani, Crazy Chester, Darkchild- Herman H. Hill Jr., Nune- LeRyan Anthony, Chrises- Chris Amato, El Cantante- Art Barrera, Chucknado- Charles Carrasco, The Kid- Devonte Thomas - Chris Adrian - Mike Hintz.

Cameos by: DJ Hyper, Intern Merry Prankster, Lady C, Tenebrous Havok 

Songs: Persecution Solution, Pretty Slick, A. Mystic Blue, Gotta Go, Remember/United Groovemasters of Funk, Deconstruct (Ode to the Moms), Sons of Stapleton, Nothing To Prove,
Midlife Crisis, The Crux, Master of None

Interview Wednesday August  22 Episode #617: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax:

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DJ Judge Show is the coming together of some of Sacramento, California's best. DJ Judge Show- "Strength In Numbers"" features members of Super Mega Everything, Race To The Bottom, Zen Arcadia, Razor Queen, and Some Fear None. As well as appearances by Andee Black, and Reggie Washington, and Jeanine Heirani. The track "Deconstruct" features Cortney DeAugustine who has played with the likes of Ronnie Montrose and Charles Carrassco from the NorCal powerhouse Some Fear None. DJ Judge Show showcases the fine musical talent in our state's capital!

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