Dream Eternal Bliss Delights 80's New Wave Music Fans with their Newest Single 'Loud'

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Band Name: Dream Eternal Bliss
Song name: Loud

Music Genre:: Indie/alt pop rock
Person Interviewing: Faith & Scott Kahn

I live in... Wyckoff, New Jersey

Link to play:: https://www.reverbnation.com/dreameternalbliss/song/30012254-loud

This song is about...
Being haunted by a love that is no longer in your life. Did the person leave you? Did they pass away? Hmmm...

Our music is...
Inspired by '80s new wave and '90s modern rock, but written in a contemporary style with a modern vibe. I've also been a progressive rock musician through much of my musical career, so I'm always writing and producing songs that have many layers, whether it's keyboards and guitars, orchestration, electronic loops along with real drumming, lots of vocal harmonies, and more.


Faith Banca - Lead Vocals
Scott Kahn - Keyboards
Derek Davodowich - Guitars
Byron Barbieri - Drums
Alain Akoni - Bass

How do you think this release represents your current direction..

Our new record, Picture Glass, shows how the band has evolved and grown working together. The first, self-titled, release was a mix of old and new material coming together as the band began to develop its identity. On Picture Glass, we have a stronger sense of who we are as a group and where we want to be musically. We got more modern, and also brought in some classic '70s influences and other bits that really helped to define our unique sound.

Dream Eternal Bliss Picture Glass Album Cover_by Peter Kang.jpg

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?

Scott (keyboards):
Don't write what you think the market wants to hear. Write what inspires and appeals to you, then go out and find a market that wants to hear what you're creating. It's the only way to be authentic.

Faith (vocals):
The best piece of music advice that I've been given is to take your strongest emotions and memories, both good and bad, and put them into your music. This has allowed me to not only improve my lyrics and my ability to show emotion through my voice and performance, but it also has allowed me to use music as an outlet to deal with these emotions, and that has helped me grow.

Why you love to create music: 

For me, I don't really think it's about LOVING to create music. It's about NEEDING to create music. It's part of me. It's who I am at my core. I am an artist, and music is my primary means of expression. I need air, water, and the ability to create music.

Creating music fufills my soul in a way that nothing else does, and performing the music that I create gives me the best rush in the world. Sharing my music, giving other people joy from something that gives me the same kind of joy, it's amazing.

Being in the music business today has so many variables. Social media and technology gives you so many outlets to share your music, but it also means lots of competition. Not necessarily better, but they may have a bigger social media presence. There are so many moving pieces, a lot of which have nothing to do with music. I've learned that the best way to handle these pieces is to figure out how to use them to your advantage.

Website & social media links:



How to get your live show ready after the new music release. Prepping for performances and handling the hurdles that come with the startup of any band as they launch new music.

Show coming up in New Jersey so be sure to connect with the band on their website http://www.dreameternalbliss.com

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Jacqueline Jax: This band has got it right this time around. They have just found an amazing new singer to lead the music and Faith couldn’t have been a better fit. The music showcases her style really well and with the support of her band members, I feel this band has a great advantage moving forward in 2019.


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