Dream Eternal Bliss's Alternative Rock Single Circling


Artist: Dream Eternal Bliss

New Release: Circling

Genre: alternative rock

Sounds like: Berlin, The Cardigans, Garbage, Duran Duran

Located in: Franklin Lakes, NJ

This song is a moody ballad about your life being stuck in a holding pattern. Challenges we face tend to provide great songwriting material when you want to craft truly personal and heartfelt lyrics. If you’ve ever felt like time is passing you by and you’re sort of immobilized by your situation, powerless to take control and make a change, whether it’s a relationship or work or something else, that’s exactly where “Circling" came from. I find that the happiest times in my life are the most challenging times in which to write personal lyrics.

The Cure tried it with “Friday I’m In Love” and their die-hard fans almost died from the embarrassment (despite it being a big radio hit). But for the record, I happen to like that song. When I first wrote this song, it was years ago in another band, and it was built around rock-style guitars. It never really went anywhere (the song or the band), but I always kept it in my back pocket for future use. Then one day I was working on developing a chill electronic drum groove, and that in turn inspired laying down some deep synth pads. Then, the Edge-like guitar parts just felt right, and things just took shape from there. I started messing around with the lyric melodies and loved how the electronic vibe really connected with the lyrical content. And once I heard Faith start singing it, I got chills. It was really moving.

This song encapsulates a variety of musical influences. It starts with a synth-meets-U2 vibe over some electronic percussion that evolves into something dark and somber, and then in the second half, big drums and heavy guitar kick in. It shows us going from one extreme to another while highlighting Faith Banca's exceptional voice. We have a lot of different musical influences within the group, and we all enjoy a diverse range of music from alternative to pop to rock to metal to progressive rock to new wave and so on. We try to keep each record focused around modern rock at the core and then bring in all of those different influences. A prog-rock fan can definitely hear the influence of artists like Rush and Yes in our music, while a fan of 80s pop will hear Duran Duran and Tears for Fears.

I do this because...

music is a part of my soul. I need to create a musical output. It's just part of how I express myself naturally. Without music, a part of me would be missing. Today, it’s so hard to make a living from music that you really have just one reason to make music, and that is for the love of creating music. I have had conversations and debates with musician friends who make a living in cover bands, wedding bands, and so on. They play music in part for the fun (obviously) but 95% of their time playing music is because it is paying the bills as their “job.” With recording artists, we’re in it for the art first, and then we hope to connect with a large enough audience that the art can one day generate enough income to be treated as a business. But of course, you still have to treat it like a business at all stages of development… words to live by: Don’t measure a person’s success by their wallet. Because creating and sharing music is a fulfilling journey, and I’d like to think that we’re rather successful at that. Meanwhile, please send your donations to… lol.

Right now we are...

shooting a video for this song! And we're beginning our next writing phase, continuing to evolve and refine our sound. I think people will be surprised by the evolution of our sound moving forward as we embrace more of our rock and guitar influences in some of the new material. No specific date is set yet for recording new material, but we’ll start to share some of it at live shows in late 2019.