Behind The Music with Drift Into Black on Death from Above

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Band Name: Drift Into Black

Person Interviewing: Craig Rossi

Song name: Death from Above

Music Genre:: Metal

I live in... : Sayreville, New Jersey

Link to play::

This song is about. This song is...
The song Death From Above is basically the climax of the entire “Dead Suns Under the Forever Moon” concept album.

The album is about atrocities afflicted someone and that person seeking revenge. It also deals with human elements such as how do you return to normalcy when you have taken your revenge too far. Was it all worth it?

The song totally has a Candlemass, Black Sabbath feel with dark doom riffs and layered keyboards. I believe this song will connect with anyone that has felt rage and has envisioned what they would say to someone or even unfortunately do to someone else which is a horrible scenario.

My music is.. Dark, moody, full of doom

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
I’m influenced by bands such as Candlemass, Black Sabbath, and My Dying Bride. I believe this album and especially this song fits the genre perfectly

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
Never make music thinking you are going to be a “Rock Star”. Make music for yourself and maybe 20 years later and 20 albums later you may accidentally make it. I heard this from an interview from Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree). If you never hold your hopes high you will never be disappointed and you will enjoy making music better. Plus your music will be much better. Less pressure. I know that you should always follow your dreams but to dream of being a metal musician as your full time job is basically following a nightmare.

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The music business…
especially for the metal genre is a very difficult market. Being an unsigned artist I do shop my albums around in hopes that a reputable record label will bite. I have also learned how to take the DIY approach. Building contact lists, sending emails and building relationships and it has served me will for press releases, album reviews, and radio play.

Being a musician today is a great thing if you’re willing to not take it seriously. Many people I know in their 40’s spent decades thinking they’re going to “make it” and are left with no career, no education, and barely able to survive. I love to create music because it gives me an outlet. It’s very time consuming, it’s very constructive and therapeutic.

Jacqueline Jax speaks with Craig from Drift Into Black about his new single “Death from Above” which comes from his New Album “Dead Suns Under the Forever Moon”. As a musician, you have to create a space where you are the most inspired so you can make sure that your writing an album with a concept. This album walks us through the revenge of the bullied. From destruction of lives to picking up the pieces and plotting revenge against those who bully others..

Also discussed, how to market a music album from merchandise to social media content with very little money invested.