Behind The Music with Dro THA GENIUS on 'Can't Lose'

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Band Name: Dro THA GENIUS
Song name: Can't Lose

Music Genre:: Hip Hop

I live in... North Carolina but I am from North Chicago

Why I do music..

I feel like I was meant to do something special and without it, I would probably be depressed. I do this for my family and myself. It’s important because music can be a route for me to grow and make an impact in this world. It’s also a start towards something so much bigger that I want for myself and my family

This song is about...
You can't beat real no matter what. This song is about believing in yourself and knowing that you will one day take your wins.

My music is...
Self Therapy, I use music to escape my realities my life outside of music fuels what I make. The music I’m making right now basically just explains my mindset going forward I don't plan on losing momentum or anything for that matter.

The music business..
The music business is very over saturated so it’s challenging as an indie artist to stick out. You have to focus on what you want and really go after it. I make music because I need it. I need to get things out that just don’t come out right unless written down. I have a story/message and it’s fulfilling to make music so that’s what motivates me most. The social media is just how I connect thos creations with the world. 

How has music streaming changed the music business?

Streaming has made a big difference. Now instead going to Wal-Mart or Best buy to get a CD you can get It straight from your phone, You don't even have to listen to a full album you might like one or two songs on the album all you gotta do it stream them two songs, it has made your desires in music more accessible.

I’ve used Spotify and Tidal in a limited way. Just a few tracks have been launched there but I did get 10,000 plays on spotify with very limited marketing. In fact, a friend pointed my progress out to me. At that point I began to understand the reality of how powerful the streaming sites could be.

What have been your major hurdles thus far?

My biggest struggles are exposure and lack of opportunities due to location. My end goal isn’t to do just music all my life, I want to create fashion and products as well. I would also like to dive into other areas of entertainment like acting.

Being a Traditionalist in a way has prevented me to this point because it didn’t giving me the chance to make it happen. I get distracted by things I shouldn't have let distract me and I’m not listening and learning enough about social media and how it can work for me.

This game is a watch and learn type of game, you see the blueprints laid out and I know it's on me to execute the plan but I didn't always follow through.

Also with technology everybody is shuffling music around at once and all I keep thinking is how am I gonna get heard. But know that I know some basic strategy, I get it now so it won’t be a problem too much long.

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What roll does social media play in your daily marketing plan?

It plays a huge part now in the music business. For me, I was always old fashioned and avoided social media but now that I am on instagram it’s changed everything. I use it to show my growth and track the changes. It's the most important, everybody who's moving and shaking has a IG, ,Snapchat ,FB, Twitter etc. Social media has to be a priority next to making the right songs and having the right timing.

What social media pages do you find to be more helpful and how do you use them to connect with your fans and build relationships with your online audience?

I'm more of a Instagram person, I express myself not only through music but through fashion and acting as well so I do a lot those things on IG.

I’m heavy on Facebook and Snapchat as well. I could never really get in to Twitter after I lost my password but that’s one of those struggles that happens and you move on.

So I just stayed around those main social media pages and play a bit on Google with my name and brand through my pictures, discography, and all of the things about DroThaGenius is there



Dro THA GENIUS speaks with Jacqueline Jax about the challenges of being a Hip Hop artist today and decides on a plan for his future by taking what’s he has built and expanding out every single to it’s ultimate potential. Learn the fundamentals of music merchandising and how powerful it can be for a music career.

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