Behind The Music with E.dread on Ragu


Band Name: E.dread
The Real Music Nation
Kevin Bailey
Song name:

Ragu is a song dedicated to the true queens of the earth, the omnipotent empresses who keep balance in a lion’s hectic life. It is a song to speak and show love to the bond formed when honor and respect guide love.

My music is:
a direct connection to my experience. I love sharing that which makes me, well me. I feel like my music is the filter between my mind and the world. My music is my therapy and the cause of my need for therapy at times. Ultimately my music is my chance to change a harsh world that created E.DREAD.

The music I’m making right now..
reflects my constant unwavering direction. I speak love, life and the never ending need to fight back against oppressors. As a Rastafari my music has always spoke to our trials, our pain, joy, love, and our unspoken sometimes sad truth.  Ragu speaks to love which is one of many subjects that is integral in moving us forward as humans.

I write and create everywhere..
I am not a location writer. When inspiration hits me I write/record right then.  My favorite equipment jimbe, when writing reggae I will play the heartbeat on the jimbe and vibe out. When writing Hip Hop I usually write first draft without music so my vision for track and sound is pure.

My focus and balance comes from remembering the friends I have lost. The people who believe in me and why they believe in me. My major balance honestly comes from my long distance running. I run 8 miles 4 days a week taking 2 months off a year. When I am running I let go, I don’t think, I simply let my mind and body be what my flow is free.

Also being COO at Le Ann’s Cheesecakes gives me other things to focus on when music frustrates.

“Treat every song like a small business.” Words of wisdom..

The music scene here is..
I live in Tampa, Florida and the music scene is a mix of country, spoken word, and cruise ship reggae bands. But, of course Tampa is a southern city so as far as hip hop goes it is a trap music city the artists down here are southern ladies and gents it is a balanced scene full of awesome people but some crabs in the bucket. I got Love for T town much love.