New Electernative Rock Single from Eidolight 'Chosen Words'

Eidolight Chosen Words .png

Artist: Eidolight

New Release: Chosen Words

Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock, Electro-rock

Located in: : Reno, NV USA

Coining the phrase "Electernative Rock", Eidolight is a unique blend of electronic sounds with alternative rock roots and coffeehouse songwriting.

If Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, and The Beatles had musical offspring, they would name her Eidolight. Three years in the making, their debut album, On This Day, will be released August 2019.


This song is the first single from our debut album and our first-ever publicly released music. We are excited to share our blended style of music, which we have dubbed Electernative Rock.

We just released our first single, Chosen Words. On August 16 we are releasing our debut album, On This Day.