Nigerian Artist Emeefreda Releases New Single God of Bad boys and girls


Artist: Emeefreda
New Release: God of Bad boys and girls
Genre: Reggae

Located in: Nigeria

This song is...
Emee(Freda Francis) is an instrumentalist, song writer, composer, inspirational singer and one time most Talented model of the year 2013, a reality TV show organize By Deji Bakere former Mr Nigeria(D bats) in collaboration with Silver bird TV, the award was a recognition of both her music and modeling Talent. Emee is grounded with music experience as she studied music technology, after which she proceeded to the African Shrine managed By the Afrobeat Star Femi Kuti, son of the Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapko Kuti as a backup singer and Dancer, she performed with the Robots band and was featured at the industry night, later on the band splitted.

Emee's consistency in the music world has recorded two singles in 2015, titled Peace and Confession, produced by TSNARE(Thunder Snare Empire). The song " God of Bad boys and girls" is yet another, inspired by God's Love, Compassion, Mercy and Kindness towards mankind. Solely Dedicated To God Almighty for indeed He Doesn't call the Qualify but Qualifies the called.


The music we are creating is...
As humans, we have sin and fallen short of God's Glory, we have knowingly and unknowingly gone astray in the course of chasing our lives (destiny, dreams, desires etc) and this as in turn hindered us from moving forward unknowing to us in trying to unlock our ways again, we go round roaming in confusion in search for redemption, some of us have even gone as far as gone lost in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment again.The song "God of Bad boys and girls" is simply reminding us that "SALVATION"(answers)we need is tied to Acknowledging Our faults to the Most High, with an Understanding that None is perfect, neither Most Holy as Humans But Grace has Granted us Redemption through the sacrifice paid By The son of God(Jesus Christ).

Right now we are...
By His Grace, I'm very thankful for the privilege t o be working on another single that we currently recording with the hope of shooting a follow up video soon.thank you