Emmaline intoxicated fans with her single Hound

Band Name: Emmaline

Vocals: Emmaline Campbell
Guitarist: Ryan Mondak

Song name: Hound

Music Genre:: RnB/Soul

This song is about…
I wrote this song with the idea of addiction in mind. Whether it be toxic substances, toxic people, or toxic mindsets, the “Hound” in this song is a metaphor for something you wish you could live without, but keep coming back to.

My music is…
Sonically, my music is very soul/R&B influenced but lyrically, it reflects that of a more Alternative genre. Along with Soul, Blues, and R&B, I’ve listened to a large amount of Alternative Rock and Grunge, I believe my lyrics truly reflect this.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
As a whole, these lyrics are a bit edgier than most of my other tunes. This being said, the vibe and feel of the song is very true to most of my other songs.


Where do you create your music..
I write my tunes in a variety of places, at home, in class, even at work. I am constantly forming ideas and mentally writing melodies. As far as recording, this song was recorded in the University studio by a friend and fellow Cincinnati Conservatory of Music student Josh Meyer.

Behind The Music with Emmaline on Hound 

How do you stay focused and balance creating with life..
Since I am a very driven person, sometimes I find it hard to take a break from the music. But sometimes, it’s best to take breaks from practicing, rehearsing, performing and writing in order to curate more creativity. Without taking breaks sometimes your creativity can become stagnant.


What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking
For me personally, I really credit my parents for pushing me from a very young age to work hard at my craft. Good things won’t come to those who only occasionally put time into music. Hard work along side true passion for music is what will set you apart in the long run.


I live in…
 I currently live in Cincinnati. The music scene here is great for playing fancy restaurants, bars and lounges but not so great for private music venues and festivals. My band currently has a residency at the upscale Prime Steakhouse downtown every Wednesday and every other Friday night. After I graduate school the plan is to move to New York City or L.A.

INSTAGRAM @emmalineofficia

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