New Single from Emmaline 'Save Me'

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Artist: Emmaline
New Release: Save Me EP and single

Genre: dark pop/r&b

Emmaline is an Australian dark pop singer and songwriter living in Atlanta Georgia. She recently released her debut EP entitled Save Me mixed and mastered by Gee Streets. The title track was released with a video and other tracks include Where Do I Begin and Lose You. Emmaline has also been composing recently for a new Netflix family Christmas film due out this holidays. Not limiting her songwriting and artistry to pop, Emmaline also writes and sings for various genres placing songs in 2017 on both Vanderpump Rules and Growing Up Hip Hop.

The music business is great and difficult at the same time. It's so important as an artist to be just as interested or educated in the business side of things as much as the artistic side. 

Being a musician today is awesome. The struggle can be real at times but there's no story without the struggle. I love being a musician in America. So many talented producers. So many opportunities. It's an honor to be here. Truly.

I love to create music because it's so freeing. You create something that was never there before and wouldn't be there if you hadn't done it. I love the thought of that. Leaving your mark. Music is everything. it's my diary, it's my therapy. It's my therapist!

LINKS: - EP Full x 3 Songs - Save Me single

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jaecabreraLove the vid ❤️


avaliveradio@jaecabrera she’s worked really hard on this one. There are so many amazing shots. Previews are on her page.

jaecabrera@avaliveradio ❤️

homerikofficialThis is very catchy! I like it!❤️🙏

thekristinmouraShes got a unique sound. It's going to set her apart from everyone.. which is great

hanna_voxI LOOVE this!! So good

theofficialniffWonderful voice

iamemmalineMuch love 🌷

karisakay76Awesome I love Christmas movies!! Cross over artist too sounds like she’s got it all going on!!

darinjellisonmusicHaunting. So catchy too!

monj021Awesome :)

carmentoth111Sweet! Congratulations on the new video @iamemmaline 🤘🏻💜

iamemmaline@carmentoth111 Thanku 🌷

mississippiriotNice production. Therrs unique style to her vocal which is good

kuriusboyI Like what I hear. Pop with an aggressive Kendrick Lamar hip hop beat behind it, so different demographics can feel it. A song like this could be played on pop, and hip hop stations

lilijan_roseIt sounds enchanting . I like the vibe it has to it. ❤️

thecocoscottI love it! Great vibe and message :)


americanpridemagazineAn important song for the artist. This gives me a great insight into what she's capable of certainly marks a step in her process. It will be interesting to see if she pushes her vocal more on the next one and is able to keep this intense mood. Very interesting.



jacquelinejax💗 being a musician today is so exciting that it's really hard not to want to dip your hands into all aspects of it.


thekristinmouraIt's true. That's why ive been learning some marketing


homerikofficialThis made all the sense and is so relatable. 100%!

foilofthestarsTotally @avaliveradio@iamemmaline you gotta enjoy the process most of all, highs and lows

oldtowntonicI’ve come to embrace the struggle.

janinepesqueiraLove :)

paulkeoghmusicMusicians have been destroyed by big corporates..the idea that we can diy it is just puffcandy ..everyone needs to read Jonathan taplin ..


paulkeoghmusic@thekristinmoura your been sold a lie

thekristinmoura@paulkeoghmusic that's why you dont pay for programs that claim they are 6 figures.. those are a lie. I've only paid to run ads, I've really only wasted my time on useless free webinars

thekristinmoura@paulkeoghmusic why?

paulkeoghmusic@thekristinmoura I get that..your being savvy. There is ways round it..but I think there's a deeper problem with it than people realise .try that offers hope too

thekristinmoura@paulkeoghmusic that's the problem, it offers hope. That's it.. it's all useless . As an indie artist we need to focus on posting consistently engaging with who's leaving comments and the other tips @jacquelinejax has been giving us. The rest will come to us.

Michael Foster Thank you for leaving your mark. Humanity benefits from what you and other artists do. We turn to you for healing, for peace, for love, for grace, for hope, to dream, to be transformed. We take it for granted you will always be there. We never thank you enough. In this moment, right here, right now, I say THANK YOU!

Diane Bourke Music is my therapy as well but only listening to it. I am not as talented as you are ❤️

قيس قيس KISs Kiss.