Ever Onward Releases a New Ambient Creation 'Bruxism'

Ever Onward Enlight48.jpg

Artist: Ever Onward

New Release: Bruxism

Genre: Ambient

Located in: Batavia, NY

Bruxism, in a literal sense, is a medical condition in which a person grinds their teeth. The cause may be related to intense concentration or anxiety. As someone who has dealt with mental health issues for the majority of my life, I suffer from bruxism. To me this song is sonic representation of how it affects me. The day begins and all is well. The day goes on and I'm presented with obstacles, obstacles that make me want to grind my teeth. Despite this physical aliment, the day must go on. There comes a point in the day where I become mentally and physically exhausted. The cause? Bruxism. It intensifies as the day progresses and not until I fall into a deep sleep, do I feel subsidence.

The song starts slow, infinite reverberation grows into clean guitar tones accompanied by piano. As the song progresses, bass, drums and strings are incorporated to add to the ambience, creating a cinematic feel. The song gradually increases sonically and emotively until overdriven guitars take over, creating the songs climax.

The "climax" continues just long enough for emotion to take full control over the song. To conclude, the song returns to clean guitars until it fades out into spontaneous feedback. The structure of this song is the soundtrack to a day in my life. Slow and steady to layers of outside influence, to the point of heavy emotion and finally a gradual return to the sentiment of peace and quiet.

The music we are creating is...
important to me in many ways, literally and figuratively. It is not only a musical take at explaining myself mentally and physically but it is a first attempt at creating instrumental music. For years I was stuck in a rut of passionate emo music, rarely straying from the path. My goal is to create ambient instrumental music that allows listeners to feel how they want to feel, based on what they're hearing. Lyrical content sets the tone for a song making it tough for a listener to interpret a song in a different manner. My goal is for listeners to get lost in the music, to paint a picture of their own.

Right now I am...
Right now I am most excited about embarking on this new project of mine. Exploring new sonic territory and breaking away from the mold I've been stuck in for years. Currently, Ever Onward is a "song-a-month" project in attempt to perfect the sounds that exist in my mind, body and spirit.