New Hip Hop Release from FEEST 'Pain and Karma'


Artist: FEEST
New Release: Pain and Karma
Genre: HipHop

Pain and Karma is the second track from my debut EP 'Hungry For Change'. The track tells part of my story focusing on the struggles I've faced securing my finances, home life and the principles I've established having been through a rollercoaster of an existence. I hope anyone currently in a similar situation can relate and find comfort in knowing that no matter what you're going through, you can come out clean the other side.

I think the music business has changed for the better in the sense that there are far more opportunities to be heard and share your music, the flip side is the level of competition but I see this as motivation and just another obstacle to overcome.

Being a musician for me is about evoking emotion in others. I want my fans to not just listen, but feel something and leave a lasting impression which promotes personal growth, self worth and a hightened sense of awareness. Music is my therapy, my mirror and my vehicle to make a difference, be successful and grow as a person. I hope you enjoy what I have to say.


  • jacquelinejaxI really love this song. It's been a favorite. I enjoy the artists use of phrasing and timing to tell the story. I also found the theme really impactful. Love to see an official music video for this one. A 360 video walking around his neighborhood as the day turns from light to dark would even be really cool.

  • oldtowntonicSuper cool. I have to admit.. It’s not something I would normally listen to but that’s why I love AVA! Always helping me expand my horizons!!

  • avaliveradio@oldtowntonic your the best. Thanks for keeping an open mind.

  • brassylucaKool. Good llyrics. 

  • thecocoscottCatchy tune for sure! Best of luck!!

  • thekristinmouraThe track is interesting, I think it's super powerful. 

  • gxxdrichpapiYou have some great lyrics here 😊

  • shotbykyle8420I love it brother.

  • avaliveradio@gxxdrich.papi thank you. We love the artists we have here.

  • thecocoscottI like your focus on legacy. Congratulations!

  • jacquelinejaxI love his appreciation for life and what's most important.

  • karisakay76Keep fighting the good fight! Great determination!!

  • theofficialniff@avaliveradio Very very enjoyable, something i can wake up to everyday