New Release from Fer Rivero 'Ain't Nobody Go Home'

Fer Rivero avaliveradio 4.png

Artist: Fer Rivero
New Release: Ain't Nobody Go Home
Genre: Pop, Indie Pop

My music was becoming too commercial, I was creating what I thought people wanted to hear so I decided to come back to my roots and compose from my soul, this song is by far my soul printed in music.

Creating Music is a skill you can improve, it can be a talent you are born with, and one of the hardest paths to choose, but remember it's your love for music that makes people listen to another one of your songs. The music is a reminder of how you felt creating it at that moment in time.




nolosses_entertainmentYou have alot of potential 👍 Check out @dbanksnl and let us know if your feeling the vibe

dr.strange_adsrDope photo!

avaliveradio@dr.strange_adsr it’s a great song.

_fer_riveroThanks so much!!❤️❤️❤️

_fer_rivero@dr.strange_adsr thankss! :)

homerikofficialReally love this cover! Awesome


indiemusicspin@raynejohnsonmusic yes.

homerikofficialDo it for you, not for what you think others want

indiemusicspin@homerikofficial there ya go

thecocoscottI love that... getting back to you and the music in YOU 💕

caramel_dmvAs an artist, I feel it is very important to stay true to yourself from the beginning. I use my music as an outlet and a source of therapy to get some things off my chest, to address world events in hopes to get the wheels turning in someone's head/or to start a conversation, and/or strive for positivity, etc. Bottomline, if an artist is capable of keeping their authenticity, I believe they will have a much stronger fan base, be much happier in the long run with the direction their craft is going as well as career. Now, I didn't say it would be easy to do, because there will be times you may have to say "No" or turn down opportunities to ensure your craft or moral compass is not compromised. So you just got to make sure you pick the right team that want the best for you as an artist and person. Just remember that 🙏😊

thekristinmoura...i'm glad you went back to roots. ..its very important to remain true to yourself.

carmentoth111What @thekristinmourasaid and yes, it’s important to take risks creatively as well. The bigger the risk, the greater the reward 🤘🏻💜