90's style synth industrial Metal Release from FireBrand 'Single Eye'

Single Eye fire brand avaliveradio .png

Artist: FireBrand

New Release: Single Eye (Recharged)

Genre: Metal - Industrial Metal

Located in: : Murray, Ky USA

Combining 90s style synthesizer dance grooves with aggressive guitars, drums, and vocals, I sing (and scream) about how our priorities direct the course of our lives and why it's important to focus on the right thing(s).

The song's lyrics contain loose metaphors and Bible references to eyes to convey that our lives will be well when our focus is on the truth and what is pure.

This song is a revamped version of the original song that I released on an album around eight months ago. Back then, the idea seemed to be in its adolescence, like some more work was needed to fully develop its potential. Since stepping up the track's arrangement, and recording and mixing quality, this song has come to be my favorite out of all the songs I've done so far. The influences of Circle of Dust, Klank, and Death Therapy come out in the groovy guitar riffs, harsh vocals, and the sporadic synth melodies.


The music... 

I am revamping the songs I've released at the beginning of 2019 to make updated impressions as to how I sound before working on new material. The "Overcomer- Re: charged" EP will feature rearranged and re-recorded versions of songs found on the original "Overcomer" album, with also some mashups. I loved how "Single Eye (Recharged)" turned out and felt that it did such a great job making an impression that I decided to make it the opening track on the upcoming EP.

The full EP will be released on September 13th of this year! Pre-orders are available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3.

My website: https://www.firebrandcybermetal.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FireBrandIndustrialMetal
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/firebrandmusic
Song from Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5vjJCtrdCxsXwrao2IUXrK?si=ZMeD-3QQTB-SX9orB2RPBQ