New Rock Release from FLAT-LINER 'Salt The Wound'



New Release: Salt The Wound

Genre: Hard Rock/Alternative

Located in: : Melbourne, Australia

This song ...
captures the dread and sinister atmosphere of a Victorian penny-dreadful, a sordid tale of loss, desire and hubris. It’s a sojourn into the black heart of madness and the depraved lengths the human soul will go to. Ultimately our goal has always been producing music that embodies the unknown and 'Salt The Wound' is influenced by our innate human instinct to inflict pain in a cyclistic manner both internally and externally.

The music we are creating is...
This release is evolutionary for us, as artists and as conscious beings. We aimed in the currently released 5 track E.P. to be as open as possible and express ourselves in not only an emotive way but also with a philosophical exploration into the mind.

Right now we are...
Currently we are writing new material, ensuring we stretch the boundaries both musically and mentally to yet again re-define what Flat-Liner is.