Behind The Music with Frank Palangi on 'Set Me Free'

Set Me Free is about standing up for yourself , not backing down , not getting cornered into something you don't believe in.


Song name: Set Me Free
Music Genre:: Hard Rock - Rock
I live in: Upstate NY

My music is a feeding frenzy of edgy deep n gritty vocals while freshly fueling a bursting positive, passionate attitude. My quote "No Plan B" acted as my mission. It started in 2006 after leaving high school to pursue my dream. I wanted to become a career musician and singer-songwriter, and began on that path by releasing my debut self-titled EP in 2011.

Grounded from a solid support system from my upbringing while my motivations are centralized around positivity and not the temptations of a stereotypical rockstar lifestyle. From an early childhood I learned to adapt to this chronic medical illness that impacted my decisions in my everyday life, turning it all around as a force to bring these dreams into reality saying "I have no Plan B backing down on my dreams."

I believe with my progression of my 1st EP to this 3rd one fits perfectly not only in my own personal life - but career wise with not letting people take advantage of you. It's my own creation as far as mixing and recording mostly all this time around instead of having others take the wheel.

Interview Discussion:
Frank Palangi speaks with Jacqueline Jax about launching a music career by jumping in. Outsourcing the right parts to the right people. Using his film making back ground to create the best content and tricks to self production. Also we discussed gear and ways to get the best out of your DIY work. You'll also hear the story of how indie artists are building community around their career.

Feature created by Jacqueline Jax
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