Garmonsway, Gibbon and Harrington reflect on their teen years in New Release Our Heroes

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Artist: Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington

New Release: Our Heroes

Genre: Rock Ballad

Located in: UK

We all have our musical heroes, whatever our age and tastes in music. ‘Our Heroes’ celebrates this and reflects on the innocence of being in your early teens (or younger) and experiencing your first rock concerts with your friends.

I wanted the song to appeal to everyone, whatever their age, wherever they live, but for me, it is about being early teens and experiencing my first rock concerts in the Northeast of England.

I also wanted the feel of the song to be such that you could imagine it being played on stage with the audience singing along, almost like an anthem to those times.

The second verse talks about hanging around the stage door – and for me that evoked memories of bumping into Marc Bolan (then of Tyrannosaurus Rex before they became T Rex) and a famous UK DJ, John Peel, and having a 20-minute chat with them outside the stage door before one concert. I was fifteen at the time and still have the concert tickets and an autographed program!

The first time I played the song to my collaborators, it hit the spot for them.

Franky, in particular, was keen as he played in a couple of good bands and had shared the stage with many of the ‘heroes’ of the time – Captain Beefheart, Rod Stewart, Paul Weller, Supertramp to name a few, and Al has also worked with Paul Rodgers.


The music we are creating...

I wanted to work on my songs with some long-standing musical friends in the Northeast of England. That’s where my home town is, so I contacted them a couple of years back to discuss ideas. We settled on some of my songs and had some recording sessions. Also, another of my old school friends, Ali Davis, is still in the area and now an artist. I wanted to get a close connection between the music and original paintings, so she has created a watercolor for each of the songs and also the main album cover.

Besides, Franky & Al are very well connected in musical circles in the UK, so they invited a few additional people to contribute, including Martin Peel, who plays saxophone on ‘Our Heroes’. 

I’ve brought together three experienced and inventive musicians to explore and record my songs. The musical vibe has both a rock and acoustic feel merged together, and together with the paintings present the whole package. I like to think it portrays a cultured message, musically, lyrically and visually.

I’ve also been really pleased with how well the songs have stood up to these new recording challenges. Although I sang ‘Our Heroes’, all the other tracks feature Al’s unique lead vocals. Franky, like me, is a multi-instrumentalist (excelling on bass), and he also produced the songs.

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Right now we are busy promoting the ‘Northeast’ ep – one of the reasons for the band name was that we could all promote the album through each of our own musical circles. We are also considering a follow-up ep and I’m in the process of picking a few potential songs for the next project. Well, decide on that when we can gauge the response to this first album.

Spotify link to full ep 
Spotify link to Our Heroes single