New Single from Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington 'Last Dance Woman'

Artist: Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington

New Release: Last Dance Woman

Genre: Rock Ballad

Located in: : UK

I wrote Last Dance Woman after an evening at ‘House of Blues’ in Chicago. At the end of the evening, as the music slowed, couples appeared from everywhere onto the dance floor. The floor was full of people, each couple was just totally focused on each other. When I got back to the hotel, I found a piano in a quiet room and pretty much wrote the whole song in fifteen minutes – it just came out all at once – a beautiful slow ballad. I’d been going through a bit of an emotional time, so although the song was partially about me, it was also for those other couples on the dance floor that night.

I wanted to work on my songs with some long-standing musical friends in the Northeast of England. Last Dance Woman is a nice example of the collaboration between us. I wrote the song a while back, but when I played it in the studio, Franky (Gibbon) heard something different and suggested arranging it in a different way – much slower. That seemed to resonate and then Al (Harrington) added his own individual style of vocals, and we managed to capture a really personal feel. Ali (Davis), our artist collaborator, had just the right piece of artwork she’d painted to compliment the theme – just two people together in the big wide world, so it all came together nicely.


At the moment..
we are busy promoting the ‘Northeast’ ep and decided to put Last Dance Woman out as the second single from the album (following on from ‘Our Heroes’ ) as it feels quite a bit different and has a nice personal feel. There are also other songs on the album we want to feature in due course. Also, I’ve just sent my collaborators another bunch of songs I’ve written and recorded, so we’re hoping that has the makings of a second album or ep later in the year.

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