New Release from Ghost u like it i love it 'Belly Belly Ft Duceplaya & D The Lyricist'

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Artist: Ghost u like it i love it

New Release: Belly Belly Ft Duceplaya & D The Lyricist

Genre: Hip Hop , Reggae , Club Pop

Located in: Misawa Japan

This song is...
a fun, upbeat, club, and dance creation with a beautiful mix of instruments and sound. This song represents my Ghost u like it i love it brand. Showing the world the many styles of me.

The music we are creating is...
With this 9th album I’m working on its a great opener to invite everyone to come and enjoy my creative mind. So be ready to take a journey with me through your mind and be captivated with the visuals i can paint just through the music.

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Right now we are...
At this moment i am working on my 9th album and also working with other artist to get there singles out.