Behind The Music With Ghost You Like It I Love It on Coffee and Rum


Band Name: Ghost You Like It I Love It
Song name: Coffee and Rum (Featuring Golden Day)
Misawa, Japan but I'm originally from Temple, Texas.

 The thing I say every day, even after being signed to two different labels and going independent was,  "Life is life, live life, love life and never lose yourself in it." (Ghost u like it i love it )

This song is about being an artist and always being busy, stressed, feeling alone and trying to love someone with everything you have left. Funny thing about it is people think this is a drinking song but really it's a beautiful love song inspired by real events in my life. The mug in the song refers to me and the rum refers to my wife.

My music is very versatile. Just like the music that inspired me to start doing this. My music has no limit to how far out the box it will go. It expresses my creativity and how much I'm in love with the essence of music. In short, I have a style and sound that touches hearts and lifts spirits. Something to be remembered!


This release is actually from my 8th album called, In The Company Of Two, which was released Aug 3, 2018, with Bentley Records. This album was writing about two people that helped me start in music but didn't make it to see this day. It focuses on a guy and girls point of view with the stories and the emotion. I'm currently in the process of working on my 9th album's single with a great team of artist, Jason Howard AKA Duceplaya, and Devon Shaw AKA D Lyricist. I can't forget about Antoine Lew and Brian Brantle. They helped me handle everything else with this music. So my direction will stay what it has been since the beginning which is to push my music until the end and leave something to be remembered.

There's not only one piece of music advice that has changed my thinking so I will share these: 
"Sometimes it takes years for a person to become an overnight success."(Prince)

"I want to make heart decisions in business. If you can’t do that, you’re not free. I want to be able to dictate which way I’m going to go." (Prince)

"I don’t really care so much what people say about me because it usually is a reflection of who they are." (Prince)


Ghost You Like It I Love It chats with host Jacqueline Jax about the music business and going indépendant vs signing with a record Label and what every artist needs to know in todays music business. What advantage can a label or publishing company bring to an artist. We also talked about building a solid team. Celebrating his 169 songs and how he's managed to capture his sounds from working his skills. What's ahead from collaborations to impactful projects in video. 


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