6 Speed Supernova Keeps their fans spark from fading with their newest single 'Groovy Stars'

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Jacqueline Jax speaks with Marie Ballon (Vocals) and Joan Torres (Bassist) about aligning the stars to have that magic in your band that translates to the audience. Find out who influences the band and how they find their balance in quality music creation and stay true to their roots.

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Band Name: 6 Speed Supernova

Person Interviewing: 
Vocals: Marie Ballon and Bassist: Joan Torres

Drummer: Brittany Patterson
Guitarist: David Ballon

Song name: Groovy Stars

Music Genre: Rock / Alt-Rock / Classic-Rock

I live in... San Francisco, CA

'Groovy stars' is about not letting your spark fade out because of obligations, age, and just the wear and tear of day-to-day life a.k.a. the grind. It's about finding your second wind and realizing that it's never too late to chase your dream. Burn bright baby and go out in a blaze of glory.


My music…

6 Speed Supernova (6SS) is a 4-piece progressive rock / alt-rock / classic-rock band from San Francisco, CA. Our sound is infused with blues, metal, punk, jazz and a little bit of this and that sprinkled in-between. We hope that in the darkness that life can present at times, especially these days, our music will resonate with people and give them a sense of hope, a light in the dark if you will. Our galactic compositions will expand your mind, tug on your heartstrings and send you tumbling into the cosmos.

How do you think this release represents your current direction.

We are continually evolving, growing, changing as all musicians (and people in general) should. We have trouble labeling our sound because we don't feel like we fit neatly into one genre box. We continually like to take risks, fuse sounds, shake things up and see what magic concoction comes out. This song is an experiment in just that. It's jazz rhythms with rock chord progressions and power vocals blend beautifully to create this gemstone, which we love, our live audiences so far love, and we hope your listeners do too.

Inspired by..


Day-to-day life and all the experiences and people, good and bad, that you deal with and encounter prove to be the most inspiring and enlightening fuel we could ever hope for.

Finding time to be creative..

We don’t try to run by the clock but music is a full time job so we are always thinking about it even when we work our full time jobs. At the end of the day, when you love something and feel passionate about it, you find time.

Music business..

A saturated music market can make it harder for those artists who are truly quality musicians to be discovered or even noticed. But just like cream, eventually, those artists, bands, people will rise to the top and reach the commercial success, not money, just exposure, they deserve. Persistence, passion, quality and hard work still pay off; you just have to have the endurance to continually work on your craft and stay in the fight for all nine rounds.

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Thomas Craymer Catering to the audience is important. I always play to the energy of the audience and leave with a thanks to the audience for coming, then packing up my guitar and quietly leaving the stage. lol

Johnny Oz Mood If you're talking energy? You don't leave anything on stage when you're done. It comes off stage with you. The massive adrenaline rush last for 10 mins then you get hit by an enormous low. I guess that's why a lot of performer's use drugs. To sustain that high.

Jacqueline Jax : I had the best time speaking with Marie and Joan on the interview. We could have stayed on for hours. Lots to talk about.

Joe La Bianca You really do bring something special to your performance. For me I sing lower tone songs first, to warm up. Then the higher songs at the end..

Daniel Barry Martin Like what you said about your approach. Depends if we the only band or we are part of a band night. That also makes a difference.

Bob Nedved It's easier to put your music out world wide ,I never thought I would be able to do this myself .Try to record in a quite place so that the audio is crystal clear ,try and separate every audio as with a line in instead of mics -except for vocals .Bring the audios home to the computer balance, mix , then burn a CD to check the over all sound go play it in your good car Audio system that where you hear a very fine sound , things show up right away like to much echo or bass ,trying to keep the Vocal up above the rest of the instruments . Then the shock of finding out the Audios still had to be mastered before being put on real radio ,well I tell you ,I thought OK ,I have the mix -the balance correct .Were audios still not clear enough ? Then I found out about what formats were used and still every place wants something different.
However , It is harder to get noticed ,the amount genres or spin offs or tangents of styles of Music call it an over saturation where will it stop . To me telling a story is a song ,the melody next then then all the rest falls in to place ,This is music being creative not just dumping a bunch of sound together . Being a musician is the same today as yesterday you have work at learning to play ,improve in ability if you want to move up the ladder . Promoting is easier but you still have to get noticed . I have have had our music on 11 sites and have set up our music with I Heart Music Radio --avaliveradio as they are a greater help and are giving us more options to build our brand. I think we will have get new laws passed to see that musicians get paid fairly for playing and creating their music . From the top down there is an imbalance ,everyone needs to be paid equally .

Vern Peterka I think the internet has nothing to do with “becoming” a musician. It might have lessons to learn and a means to show the world what you do, but becoming a musician is something that is in us, in our hearts. The majority if my music making happens in my studio with no internet connection happening.