New Indie Pop Single Pandora's Box from Halle Abadi

Artist: Halle Abadi

New Release: Pandora's Box

Genre: Indie/Pop

Located in: : Scottsdale, AZ USA

This song is about the complexity of showing your true self to your significant other, and feeling like who you are deep down is “too much” for the other person to handle. “Pandoras Box” also touches on the fear of not being interested in someone after opening up and showing everything that lies beyond the surface. Keeping them far enough away, in an effort to preserve the relationship, yet longing for that deeper connection, truly is the major theme that inspired the composition of this record.

The music we are creating is...
This release is important to my music direction because I believe that it is something that everybody can relate to. It perfectly describes everything I was feeling at the time and truly represents what the opening of Pandora's Box looks like for me.

Right now we are...
am currently working on 4 new singles and will be releasing a remix of my single IWY with rapper Ariaa in May of this year!