Behind the Music with Hanna Vox on Basis Of Art


Basis Of Art is the beginning of my journey in the music industry and it has given me a lot of perspective, for example how I want my sound to be like. 

Band Name: Hanna Vox
Song name: Basis Of Art
Music Genre: Funk, soul, disco

Basis Of Art is about the magic feeling of being in your own bubble without caring about others judgemental thoughts. This feeling can be reached when dancing, out on the dance floor. The surroundings just disappear - you can visit your own space. I worked a lot with this song, trying to make it sound professional and unique. Right now, all I have to do is to continue creating songs with the same vibe and build up my image.

My music is a mix of soul, jazz, funk and disco. Sometimes I go back to the 80's, trying to find a certain sound that I like so I can recreate it in a more modern style. The rhythms are often inspired from the disco/funk genre, but my chord patterns are something totally different. I prefer using powerful chords in a pattern that create this mysterious vibe.

A piece of music advice that forever changed my way of thinking is that everyone has different perspectives when listening to the lyrics in songs. For this reason, I always try to write in riddles and metaphors. It’s really beneficial because people connect certain nouns or words with their own experiences and life situations. For example, if I would mention “home” in a song, someone would imagine their own family, house or safe place. So instead of describing my family members or what my house looks like, I say home because that has a bigger meaning for the listener.

Live interview
A discussion with New Artist Hanna Vox on her first single release "Basis Of Art". How she develops her music from writing through inspiration to making the music. Also discussing the world of instagram from a young musicians perspective.

Feature created by Jacqueline Jax
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