Italian Band Heavy Kollider Shouts for Bravery with New Single No Fear

Artist: Heavy Kollider

New Release: No Fear

Genre: Pop Rock Electronic

Located in: Italy

No Fear is a pop hit song that shouts to people to be brave even when life is dark.

Heavy Kollider is an Italian Pop-Rock Band, formed by Sergio Bigotta and Paolo Tentarelli in 2015.

The band’s name is inspired by the Heavy ion collider project, as a metaphor of a collision between Appearance and Reality. The logo shows a neural network and Braille coding together as symbols of Technology that help people to overcome barriers.

The sound: Heavy Kollider’s music is composed of many ingredients, such as Rock Pop, Dance, Electro and Cinematic, and by beautiful blend melodies, captivating lyrics, powerful rhythms and crushing guitar riffs. The main influences: Muse, Foo Fighters, Sia, Alice Cooper, Image Dragons, and Coldplay.

Our music is for giving hope to people to overcome life challenges. This new album release gives us the chance to explore musically new sounds and songwriting from Rock, Electronic to Jazz keeping always with our attitude. We have also a cinematic soul that you can feel in our arrangement. We are happy to have released our new Album.