Behind The Music With Hell & Hollar on Desert Dust

Hell & Hollar LiveVoltaire.jpg

Band Name: Hell & Hollar

Featuring: Blake Burns, Johnny Dusko and Nate Largent

Song name: Desert Dust

Music Genre: Rock

This song is about personal battles leaving you spent and beaten but not giving up and pushing on. I think that this current release represents are direction very well. We have been beaten before and we got back up.  That journey brings us to this point where we are releasing our first record and working on a follow up already.

My music is my passion, my outlet, my voice to say the things I can't just say.

The music business is a tough business though and there is a lot of great musicians out there trying to do the same thing you are.

There is no such thing as making it... I'll elaborate. If you reach a point that could be considered making it. It only means it's time to work harder to stay there and stay relevant.

442 EP comes out July 13. Also available Vinyl. 


Interview Notes:
Blake, Johnny, and Nate talk with Jacqueline Jax about todays rock music lifestyle. How they approach their content production for social media. Vinyl records sourcing and the bands New EP 442. We also talked about how each of their band members contributes their personality to what they do.  

Grew up a surfer and has taken on the roll of bringing his narrative to his songwriting. His travel experiences and struggles map the content for his songs. 

The wild card of the band. He's always thinking of ways to make things unique. 1970's progressive rock inspires his most. 

I'm an herbalist and a healing artist. Music has always been my source of meditation and as the drummer for the band, I try to use my skills to generate a vibe that our audience can connect with. 

Episode #606: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax: