High Diamond Lights Releases Marine Biology from the New Album Synesthesia

High Diamond Lights AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY(1).png

Artist: High Diamond Lights

New Release: Marine Biology

Genre: Pop/RnB/ Hiphop

Located in: Baltimore, Maryland

A song that talks about love, loss and eventual acceptance over a long term relationship gone wrong. Originally created as a metal song from his previous band, High Diamond Lights adapted it to breath new life into the work making it now the first song released off of his newest album “Synesthesia” now considered a Milestone in his music development.

My music is heavily focused on the trials and tribulations all of us go through, whether it be Love, loss, self acceptance, and any other many emotions we deal with as people.

The music we are creating is
highlighting all of the nuances of this album as compared to my mixtape “Anacrusis”.

Right now we are...
I am currently in the process of recording a brand new album. I am confirmed to be working with a bigger name from the alternate/rock scene. More of that will be talked about following completion of the song.