New Release from Country Music Artist Holly Graham 'Wild Dreams, Wild Horses'

Artist: Holly Graham
New Release: Wild Dreams, Wild Horses
Genre: Country

Holly believes in being a versatile music artist and enjoys singing, writing, and listening to many genres of music. Her Wild Dreams collection is New Country and includes the songs 'Wild Dreams, Wild Horses', 'One Way Street', and 'This Brick Wall', written by HollyGraham and her mother Noreen Merrick, recorded at Hilltop Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

The music industry and technology is...
changing all the time and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. Knowledge is power, learn as much as you can and don’t stop practicing your instrument. My main instrument is my voice, then guitar. There will always be someone different and unique that is not you, but our biggest competition is ourselves. Try not to compare yourself too much. Singing and writing songs is what lifts my spirits! When I sing, I sing for the joy of it and to bring joy to others. I love writing songs that fill up your heart. Nothing makes me happier than music and reaching my fans!

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homerikofficialAwesome post and great attitude!!❤️

carmentoth111I thought this was you for a sec @jacquelinejax ! #twinsie

jacquelinejax@carmentoth111 lol. Oh I see what you mean. Lovely

gypsy4evermusicThank you!

gypsy4evermusic@djblazenyc thank you very much!

gypsy4evermusic@carmentoth111@jacquelinejax we do look like sisters

oldtowntonicThat’s awesome! Really.... want to copy and read it every morning.

karisakay76Yes I sooo totally agree!! Sooo many I am meeting are getting this attitude No competition, It’s about what we can add to the world!! This attitude needs to be rooted in all musicians!!😍

brassylucaGood pic

gypsy4evermusic@oldtowntonic Thank you for saying that! Please do!

gypsy4evermusic@karisakay76 Thank you so much 😊

gypsy4evermusic@brassyluca Thank you! It’s by @alanworsfold , Ive been working with him for many years and he won my album cover contest my business partner and I put on.

jacquelinejaxstyleVery beautiful picture, Holly has achieved something very special with her voice. The song tells a story and talks about a moment that most likely every country girl would see herself in. That’s very relatable to a small but dedicated niche.

townemusicAmen. Feel this ❤️

thecocoscottPractice and knowledge are two very important things for having ‘staying power’ in the industry.

gypsy4evermusicThank you so much fore all your support!! This is so exciting for me being an artist breaking out in the music industry! 💕🎶💕🎶💕🎶💕🎶💕

gypsy4evermusic@townemusic thank you very much!

gypsy4evermusic@thecocoscottabsolutely beautiful 😊

gypsy4evermusic@jacquelinejax my mother Noreen Merrick who is my business partner is also a writer and we co-wrote this song together :)

themikefreundbandWe do it because it's who we are

townemusic@gypsy4evermusic :)