Jacqueline Jax talks about getting attention for your music on social media

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How do I get more views on my videos ?

How do I get more followers on instagram and facebook ?

How do I get more plays on spotify?

How do I make money with my music?

I get these questions constantly and the answer is fairly simple if your hungry enough to do the work.

Let’s break it down..

How do you get attention for your music on social media?

Social media isn’t really that hard, you are just using it as a marketer with no real strategy instead of being the entertainment. Try to think of each social media page like it's a program on NBC, CBS, Netflix and HBO. 

You are the director of programming and the talent, so your job is to entertain people daily and if you can be consistent at it and good at bringing value to your audience, they will start to look forward to you being there.  

Don't worry about being perfect, worry about starting and showing up consistently. 

People don't care about perfect, your ideas and skills will refine once you start and try and make mistakes and figure it out. 

Find that thing that you do best…

If you can define your story in ways that work for you and offer your audience easy access to it with a tone that speaks to them, that’s where you will win. 

Look at the way live streams and video have built amazing brands for musicians and why they have won through those forms of content delivery.

Why not you?

Start talking about the same topics that you sing about. What’s in your lyrics? Where did they start? What do they say? Who do they apply to? How do you make the music? Think of that when you need content to talk about. 

Then watch your live videos and look carefully at the posts that get the most engagement, have the most reach and see how you can improve that content. 

It’s the sweet spot that you find which will bring you gold rewards.

You've probably got everything it takes but you just aren’t putting enough of yourself out there.  The only thing that will separate you from the pack is when you can be honest and be yourself. There’s plenty of people listening on social media but not enough quality content being delivered consistently.

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Yesterdays marketing tactics were fake it until you make it, today people see through it and want something that’s real and more relatable. 

Believe my words. 

Be humble, be real, be relatable, express your own struggle and empathize with your audience. 

Fill a need that you can’t get anywhere from anyone. If there’s something that you crave more of, bring that to your social media page because that’s probably a niche you can fill really well. 

Being real and telling your truth is how you will gain the trust of your listeners. Then relate those topics to the stories in your music and why you wrote those lyrics. That’s how you get people to get on board with your journey. 

Serve THEM first, not yourself and you will WIN. 

Strategy that works…

One strategy I recently gave to a band I’m working with is..

Your genre is very specific and thus can bring in some crazy dedicated fans that will invest heavily in merchandise to support you. Always keep that in front focus. 

I would make the CD and offer it only for sale on your website as you release the singles through our radio station. This way when a single draws die hard fans, they can get access to all the music early by purchasing it from you. 

But be patient, every time a single launches this will only build your credibility with the audience and familiarize them with your music and brand. When you see someone commenting, that’s gold to you. Engage with them and get to know them. That could be an important relationship that may help you build even more relationships with other fans of your genre just by having that fan talk about your music.

When people arrive on your sales page, make it clear that the purchase is the way you keep creating so you appreciate your super fans for their support in this way and as a bonus you are bringing them 2 additional bonus tracks only on the physical CD plus behind the scenes access through your newsletter.  

The bonus tracks could be acoustic or different versions of songs you have already released or new songs that you were not planning on releasing yet. It could also each band member talking to the fans on the CD about their journey and perspective of this music release.

You can even create a special live audio EP available to your super fans (see sample above from a recently successful campaign that funded their project 100%)

Down the road you can release these pieces of bonus content to everyone in a different way if you like but hold them back until the full promotion is over. Then release them if you need something to release in between CDs to keep people focused on your music and brand.

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Marketing and exposure: 

Press out singles one at a time enhanced with simple lyric videos to gain from the algorithms on each social media platform. Then arrange a marketing promo with us on each single and video so we can drive traffic to your music and advise you along the way. Tweeking your results to help you get a better ROI (return on investment) is essential and that’s why we offer this service in every music launch we create.

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Here are the best promotions to help you create a buzz about what your offering and push new fans to your music.

  1. New Music Monday Segments: filled with playlists, spotify layering strategy and broadcasting across 14 different channels.

  2. Behind The music interview on the single and to talk about the album. one- to one honest conversation about your music so the audience can really get to know you. This one goes deep.

  3. Magazine and music blogs to get your music and story in front of more people. These also rank well in SEO on google search and help you get on the Spotify algorithm radar. Spotify tracks how many websites and music blogs are talking about you online. Make sure they are using the same name that you have registered on spotify. They also track how many times people share and embed your spotify links to social media and blogs so this is essential in your marketing strategy.  

  4. Get started now: https://www.avaliveradio.info/promote-your-music/

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Music videos:

Post your music video to youtube and facebook. Engagement on both of those count towards Spotfys judgement on your music brand and single. You do NOT want to try to fake these views or all your efforts will be lost in the eyes of the youtube and Spotify platforms from that point on. Think about running a video promotion with us to get real listeners watching your videos. 

Look at the Video Promo package here: https://www.avaliveradio.info/video-promotion

We can embed your videos in valid and credible music blogs and websites plus push them across multiple social media pages where real music fan traffic is happening plus we have an established industry newsletter that will bring you credible trusted views. 


What’s next?

Add Social media Push campaigns to your launches to allow us to focus on pushes right from your social media pages. We post your youtube link, spotify link or preferred promotional page link across all social media for as many weeks as you need while you create more content. 

You should always be promoting something to new eyes. Let us do the work while you focus on delivering amazing content to the fans we put you in front of. 

Take a look at what’s offered in this plan: 


Doing music full time is a grind but it’s amazing to be valued for your talent and a dream job that is still obtainable. You just have to work with great people in bringing exposure to your brand and focus on creating the most exciting and honest content you can to stand out from the pack. 

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