New Single from In Stride 'The Jump'

In stride avaliveradio the jump.png

Artist: In Stride
New Release: The Jump

Genre: Alternative rock Indie Rock Rock Garage Rock

The jump is a love ballad seen through the eyes of a guilty partner about someone who tried their best in a relationship but eventually it all fell through.. This song is about accepting whatever happened in the past and moving on to a brighter future. 

We love creating music because it’s freedom to express yourself and to explain who you really are through music and melody.

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anonymous_music_x_x_That's a pretty good one. Actually I think your recent photos are really good. I will be waiting for your next photo 😊✋

jordanaertsmusicAwesome feed 🙏🏼🔥

mississippiriotLooking cool 👌

homerikofficialCool photo!

transient.xDope :)

thekristinmouraSounds like a great message

carmentoth111Love that this pic looks like a suspect lineup 🤘🏻💜


thekristinmoura....i'll check them out tonight

carmentoth111These guys must be hustling hard! I keep seeing them in my feed 🤘🏻💜

hanna_voxThat’s a great goal! ”Creating music that makes people feel good”

chwmaestroPeople all need light in the darkened! 🔥

mississippiriotSounds like a very sad story, but hopefully something positive can come from such a tragic event

pixymusemusicIt’s nice to come across other artists who try to “heal” others with their songs.


thecocoscottI love your story :) May your music always bring joy to those who hear it! And I’m sorry about your friend’s accident... that’s so awful.

nabiairmusic💞 🙌 💞

americanpridemagazineNo doubt a band to watch closely.

mississippiriotGreat photo

cashrolliebeatsNice post!

playtinumbzDopee 💥


homerikofficialYes! Being able to Express yourself through music is very rad.

tiona_music_journey_Great band photo

frankpalangimusicIndie all the way!!!

carmentoth111I can actually relate to that song theme 💔


hanna_voxOh that’s so sad, but it’s so usual I’m afraid!! Great message

geniusboybeatsEnjoying the great content 🙌 🔥 Keep up what you doing my friend!!👌⠀😉

game6Always Dress to WIN!! Game VI Brand

thekristinmouraAlways got to move forward