Behind The Music with In The Stars on 'Desperados'

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Band Name: In The Stars
Person Interviewing: Daxton Edwards
Song name: Desperados
Music Genre:: Rock
Los Angeles California

Band members:

Marissa Johnson
Daxton Edwards
David Greene
Maurice Thomas

This song is about...
Desperados is about the underdogs of the music industry righteously rising to the top with self respect and appreciation. My music is fun; high energy and stylistically diverse!

This single represents our drive to reawaken raw sounding melodic rock! There are elements to most rock today that are missing! Rawness and distorted melodic guitar are two of them.

Link to play::

Best Advise...
The piece of music advice that forever changed my way of thinking was, " A song doesn't have to be complicated to be good!"

The music business is...
like that perfect "friend with benefits", that you want so badly to turn into a soulmate!

Being a musician today is either really hard or really easy! You're either appealing to the masses or not! I love to create music because, to me, it's one of the greatest forces that can instantly change one's state no matter what he or she is up against!

Jacqueline Jax talks to the musicians from In The Stars Band on their new song ‘Desperados’ and the exciting things ahead for their social media pages. Coming up watch their social media pages for live streams and lots of shows across the country. Also topics on live streaming like a pro and how to get people to anticipate your videos.

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