Indie/Rock/Metal/Alternative Compilation - April 2019

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Artist: The Refusers
New Release: Disobey
Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock

Nine parts rock and roll—one part punk. A controlled burn. Rage on a tap. The Refusers rock rebellion anthem Disobey, bitches and moans for the sake of the people, but does it with classic rock guitar riffs, sharp on-point percussion and bass, tasteful organ backdrops, and, of course, Belkin’s vocal timber—which could be described as some twisted hybrid of Ozzy and Bon Scott.

The blasé pop music status quo should shatter like an ice sculpture blasted by a sledgehammer. Blasting through the establishment’s twisted goals, The Refusers perform songs of musical defiance. The Refusers speak today’s spirit of rage and simmering revolution against the establishment.

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Artist: Ivan Beecroft

New Release: BAD COMPANY

Genre: Rock, 90's rock, retrorock

Located in: Melbourne, Australia

This song is...
off my next album called "Liars, Freaks & Fools" and is paying homage to all those great rock bands from the 70’s such as deep purple, rainbow, free and many others. The song was written in response to a period of life when I was struggling to find work and both my parents lost their jobs in a recession and the bank callously foreclosed on my parents mortgage right down to taking a small amount of money that was to be used as a deposit to rent another place, during this period I was constantly pulled over by the police whilst driving a $400 piece of junk, I received numerous fines that I was unable to afford to pay so the amount of money I owed inadvertently quadrupled and eventually I was threatened with incarceration it also led to having my license cancelled without my knowledge which in turn led to more hefty fines the next time the police pulled me over, with all that weighing heavily on my shoulders I ended up making some very poor decisions and eventually started to self medicate on drugs to relieve some of the misery and sadness that I was experiencing until one night at a house that I used to frequent I was set upon by a group of guys and beaten up to the point where I couldn't recognise myself in the mirror, the experience still haunts me years later.

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Artist: The Soul Exchange

New Release: Stealing My Mind

Genre: Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal

Located in: Stockholm, Sweden

Right now we are...
The band is currently working on new songs for an upcoming 3rd album, with a tentative release late in 2019, combined with playing live gigs as they come.

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Artist: Cwiredband

New Release: Angel Circuit Engaged

Genre: Resurrection Rock

Located in: : Berkeley Springs, WV - Nashville, TN

This song is...
Angel Circuit Engaged was one of the first songs C Wired wrote. It’s a call to all to engage our Higher Selves our Angelic Circuitry. It’s very much needed now as we find ourselves challenged by lower energy forces that are in control of and are making our planet uninhabitable. We can change our world together by holding a shared vision of Peace and Abundance for ALL. Warm feedback slithers through our speakers and takes hold of our attention as we enter the title track of Cwiredband’s new record Angel Circuit Engaged, their follow up to their much-buzzed Omega EP also released last year. Before long, that feedback is harnessed and transformed into a scorcher of a melody produced by a feverish lead guitar and punctuated with the pummeling of a massive drum kit” – Don McCloskey – Gas House Radio

The music we are creating is...
Resurrection Rock. The term came from one of the reviewers of our music. When something is resurrected it still retains common themes from the previous form but has morphed into something different.
C Wired’s Spiritual advisor implanted a seed idea inside him to create “Genre less music”. What Cwiredband is all 

My musical influences include Alanis Morrisette, Dire Straits, Doobie Brothers, The Doors, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Radiohead, Santana, Yes

Angel Circuit Engaged is the formation of the Cwiredband. Addison Smith is C Wired’s wingman who produces records and smokes the guitars. He is very much responsible for the sound. It’s a joint effort. C write the lyrics, melodies, licks, and grooves and Addison just takes them and runs with it. Daniel Kelly the band’s drummer comes from a highly accomplished jazz background. His different percussive approach applied to C’s writing is also what gives us our unique flavor. He’s a little like Keith Moon with his off-center approach to what would be considered traditional pocket rockers.

Andrew Renner on Bass is very tasteful. He is an amazing progressive jazz guitarist who fortunately decided he wanted to play bass with Cwiredband. Gary Pigg is the consummate Nashville professional who has worked with Neil Young among others. He arranges all the back-up vocals. Cwiredband uses the same vocal personnel on all its tracks. They are Angelic and are the icing on the cake to many of the songs.


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Artist: Homerik

New Release: A Song of the Night: Part I

Genre: Symphonic Progressive Death Metal

Located in: Bronx, NY

“Homerik” is a derivative of the word “Homeric”; a word that stands for something extremely grand and epic. This is the first chapter of a much bigger story. Much like Alice in Wonderland, A Song of the Night: Part I takes you on a journey down the rabbit hole of a sad and neglected child’s life experience. On the other side, she wakes to another moment in time. One that does not include her beloved sister, rather, a memory. As she looks into the eyes of her plush teddy bear she remembers that she is more powerful than the darkness. That she can light the candle and watch it burn through the night.

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New Release: Darkness Calling

Genre: Metal

Located in: Odessa, Ukraine

This song is... A grinding dose of groove Metal with throbbing Dubstep passages.

The music we are creating is... Dark, Angry, Evil Metal...

Right now we are...Releasing new Singles, working on our CD, and plotting our Live Shows.


Cabela and Schmitt .jpg

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: Messin' With My Mind

Genre: Rock

Located in: Colorado and Nebraska USA

This song is...
We are a trio of song makers who are attempting to provide as much music as we can for our current fans and the new to come. We've been writing songs for a long, long, but a couple of years ago we decided we should share our inspirations with other ears besides our own. Since then we have shared 7 releases with over 170 songs. Messin' With My Mind is a 70's/80's sounding rock song about a relationship that has emotional questions about it’s course.



Artist: Thomas Thunder

New Release: Lily

Genre: Progressive Rock Pop

Located in: Fairhaven, Ma

This song is...
"Lily" is an Instrumental Progressive Rock Pop song with strong percussive elements. It has an uplifting tempo that's fun to dance to. The music Thomas creates continues to be in the Progressive genre, primarily with strong rock overtones. This song is a little different in that it has a pop feel to it with the dance tempo and the varying percussion throughout. There are genre changes within the song, which gives it a Progressive label, so to speak, and there are rock elements as well. Not being restricted to a certain genre is what inspires Thomas to gravitate towards the Progressive genre.


mick j clark Me My Body And I.jpg



Genre: Rock

Located in: United Kingdom

This song is...
Screw my music, I want Kids to stop Self Harming, and hopefully being 'Empowered' by listening to this song I wrote for them.

Right now we are...
Now children are Self Harming with Suicides at nearly 200 children a year. An 'Empowering' song, with the right lyrical message can 'Empower' children when they are ‘down’, and help them deal with their problems. Me My Body And I, by Mick J. Clark But more than just listening to this song, we should get schools to sing this song in assembly, ( linking arms in a show of Solidarity for one another ), because singing is empowering, and our children are being targeted by so much today that some children cannot handle the pressure. We must give every child the 'tools' they need to cope with today's life, like. confidence, acceptance, knowledge and understanding of why some children act like they do, ( maybe against them ), and also tell children that they are targeted by Big Business, ( adults ), which is why they need to ‘help each other be as ‘smart and clever’ as 'Big Business'. This song has been well received by Radio Stations.


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The best way to describe our Band is that we are a high energy Indie Band and very passionate about playing for people. We love to see people dancing and having a good time at the gigs. This song that Tony Denney wrote is about a guy who meets a girl and is interested in her. Even though he has strong feelings and is tempted by her, he has second thoughts as she turns out not to be the kind of person he thought she was. Take a listen for yourself. 

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