New Single from indifferentMonKeY 'Astrostar'

 indifferentMonKeY avaliveradio.png

Artist: indifferentMonKeY

New Release: Astrostar

Genre: Trip Hop Rock

Located in:  Lancaster, Lancashire, UK

IndifferentMonKeY uses 'original' 90's' loops but then supercharges them into the 21st Century. Yet brings along a 70's rock feel with the guitar work which turns into Trip Hop Rock. Astrostar is a song that spans generations in Musicianship from fantastic vocals from 27-year-old Belfast's Junanna La Cubanna to the Belgian virtuoso, 70 year old, Phillip Da Choffoy on violin.

Written and produced by Joe Lowe Astrostar tells the story of the human race's 'race' to find new habitable planets. However, are we going to treat a new planet with the disrespect we tend to give this planet of ours right now? Besides the message, the music and arrangement are inspired by everything from Black Sabbath to Trip Hop bands like Massive Attack. It creates a feeling of gorgeous Rock Riffs combined with a head-nodding Trippy feel.

This release is paving the way for indifferentMonKeY. Suddenly, and surprisingly to us, we are suddenly sounding 'current'. So many people are turning back to 'Rock' sounds. A good example is Miley Cyrus in the most recent episode of Black Mirror is a great example going from cheesy pop songs to real rock n roll. Our next follow up tracks to 'Astrostar' are nearly ready and we are so very excited about them.

As mentioned we are just finalizing three new songs. Astrostar has given us a sound that was a bit mixed up before. like we were feeling around in the dark. We know what we are doing now and it is DEAD exciting!