New Rock Single from  Ivan Beecroft 'Shattered Dreams'


Artist: Ivan Beecroft


Genre: Rock, 90's rock, retrorock

Located in: Melbourne, Australia

 This song is called shattered dreams it is off my next album "liars, freaks & fools" due out sometime in 2019, it was Inspired by a story about a country musician who traveled all the way to Nashville with a bunch of songs, an acoustic guitar, and lofty ambitions of becoming a huge star in the country music scene. After landing at the airport he hailed a cab to go to his motel room and soon discovered that the cab driver was a much better country singer than he could ever hope to be. All his dreams of becoming the next Johnny Cash were shattered on this one single cab ride.

Two weeks later after various rejections he felt utterly deflated and demoralised, so he sold his guitar at the nearest pawn shop and booked the next available flight home. My music is best described as 90's rock, grungerock with a heavy 70's influence in the instrumentation such as organs and the occasional use of a mellotoon, I honestly believe that anyone listening to this song will gravitate to it due to how accessible it is in regards to it's simple chord arrangements and a very minimalist approach that was taken throughout the whole recording process.

The music we are creating is...
The music I am creating now is very much a reconnection to the reason why I was inspired to do it in the first place, it's really just a kind of let's get back to the basics mindset and write and play the sort of music that would shake the window panes off the local pub, it definitely does have a very primitive aspect to it all.

Right now we are...
Still working on songs for my next album and have had to re-record most of the songs on an analogue desk to get the type of punchy guitar rock sound I was looking for, so hopefully that will be ready early to mid 2019

LINKS: @ivanbeecroft