Behind The Music with J-CooL on  Lobster & Steak

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Band Name: J-CooL
Person Interviewing: Jarvis young
Song name: Lobster & Steak

Music Genre:: Hip Hop / Rap
I live in... : Panama City, Fla



Link to play::

Living life to the fullest, pursuing your dreams all while eating exotic foods with the fine dining setting giving you an upbeat tune with a elegant vision. My music is uplifting sometimes upbeat but for the most part it's laid back & smooth with slight edgy lyrics.

I think this release is a perfect example for the everything I have been doing since my last release "Stay Consistent". This new single shows growth but same feel and style of music plus it's staying true to my message "Stay Consistent" which is very self driven!

A piece of musical advice...
that changed my way of thinking was watching how other artists in my genre have been successful selling artists without a major record deal. This made me question old tactics versus new ones since it's so many new platforms where new music can be found, sold, and shared you just have to be knowledgeable.

The music business...
I feel today the music business is great because there are so many ways for an indie artist to make a fan base & gain exposure, plus music sales. Also being a musician today you can really interact with fans directly and see what they want from you. I love making music because it's like therapy for me and others that like it can relate to it.


J Cool AKA @Thepurpleprince speaks with Jacqueline Jax on topics from creating a brand with a future to mastering the music marketing business today. Singles versus Albums in the Hip Hop world and how artists can make an impact in the digital era.



  • indiemusicspin@ronsolemn_ Hey there. I like your music. Good stuff

  • thecocoscott That’s a great vision 🙌🏻

  • brassyluca Pow

  • thekristinmouraMy kinda music

  • carmentoth111I agree. Making music is definitely part of therapy 🤘🏻💜

  • hotboiskullie👌🙏!

  • officialmcsrecordsAwesome🙌🏻🌐

  • rojaylew@indiemusicspin the ability to turn emotions into sounds.

  • karisakay76My favorite thing about making music is being part of something God gifted to me! Know there is an anointing behind it that allows me to enhance a life help lead to healing of a wound or lead a soul to Christ. Just helping in what ever it is meant to for each individual person!! Relief anxiety, introduce a way of seeing things that make them not seem so out of control or detrimental (God has a way of doing that) there is absolutely no limit to what can be gotten from lyrics!! Is that not amazing on it’s own!!

  • lisamitts@indiemusicspin it gives me a way to express creatively what is in my heart and it makes me feel like I know my purpose. It also is just one of my most favorite things to do in the world and I love it!!

  • jon_hannzThe finished product

  • theofficialniffCreation, the ability to manifest a track by way of telling your own story with metaphors, punchlines, beat drops, bass kicks, and seeing the people who enjoy your sound, and building your brand by merely your powerful voice and turning into a company

  • sarahpackiam@indiemusicspin it’s a natural high and we get to capture a moment and feeling in time forever 🙋🏻‍♀️🎶

  • joegallagherjrMe too brother

  • jacquelinejaxMy favorite thing about making music is the challenge it offers me and the feeling of satisfaction knowing that I’ve achieved a moment of feeling and energy that I didn’t have before and that will keep rewarding others for years to come.

  • thecocoscottYes, exactly! One of the best ways to stand out is to keep doing things that are real to you. Great job!

  • kingvillz@indiemusicspin I can connect with people across the globe on a much deeper level💯

  • hanna_vox@indiemusicspin To discover new things, like using new techniques, finding new rythms or melodies. It’s really inspiring

  • theofficialniffCooking with your own recipe

  • lilijan_rose@indiemusicspin the enjoyment of creating harmonies that are pleasing to the ear and sharing my passion for good retro songs that disappear from our radio.

  • all2socialIf you get a chance listen to 'Nucleus' by dope bars!

  • charleesasoundYeah me too 😎

  • carmentoth111@indiemusicspin When I see people enjoying what I created, including myself 🤘🏻💜

  • philcirclemusicWhen, like yesterday, someone lets me know they were listening. I feel like I'm making someone's day a little better.

  • draz.wav🔥💯🔥💯

  • thekristinmouraMusic is great for healing

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  • jacquelinejaxNice job. Great quality. I’ve owned 3 mustangs. Just keep choosing the same car. Love it

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