Behind The Music with J Fallon on Little Black Dress

Band Name: J Fallon

Song name: Little Black Dress (Radio Edit)

Music Genre:: Country Blues

I live in... Brisbane, Australia

Link to play::

Little Black Dress is a sexy blues song describing the first time a man is seeing a beautiful woman walk in wearing a Little Black Dress.

Imagine sitting in a dark bar and in walks a woman wearing a shimmering Little Black Dress and dancing in the middle of the dance floor while the man continues to watch on.

Just a thought that came to me one night when I was out..........

With Little Black Dress I have tried to have each song tell a story, for example, the track Dancing On The Moon tells the story of taking a flight to meet my wife. I wanted to paint a picture and take the listener on the journey with me,


My music is...
ery personal, sometimes a little too personal and there were songs that I wanted to include that I had to leave out because of it. I have been writing with a greater blues influence and focusing more on painting a picture with my lyrics. I want to be a better story teller with my music.

Best Advise...
To keep pushing boundaries with my writing style and to give more consideration to my lyrics.  Why I love to create music: I love creating a song and seeing the journey it takes from conception to completion. It's a very personal form of expression.


J Fallon from Brisbane, Australia speaks with Jacqueline Jax about the listening habits of Australian fans. How artists are reaching a deeper audience and staying inspired as a songwriter. We also got to celebrate his #1 fan pick spot on our Soul Lounge playlist. 


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