New Single from Jac Dalton 'I can almost taste the rain'


Artist: Jac Dalton


Genre: ROCK (with Country colorings)

Located in: : Adelaide, South Australia

My roots and wings stem from a family dynamic best summed up this way: whenever we camped, none of us were allowed to pack the car to go home until our own campsite was spotless and those on either side. Music to me has never been about applause and recognition, but instead embracing the opportunity to leave audiences a little bit better for the time shared on both sides of the stage.

Those same sentiments translate presently into a project not merely for stage, but in consideration of the needs of an entire Nation. My chosen home of Australia is presently in the throes of the worst drought in over a century, and while there are far worst things happening to good people across the globe, sometimes we must step up and do the right thing where we’re able for no other reason than because it needs to be done. My Band and I have just launched a drought aid program called ‘SA-NDI’ (South Australian Nip-the-Drought Initiative) a collective initiative rallying around a country/rock anthem we’ve produced called ‘I Can Almost Taste The Rain’.

With Australia’s populace of 25 million and the World’s population tipping 6 billion travellers – if enough of us were to download the song through its portal ( for even a $1 donation – the result would amount to a tremendous impact providing water, hay, fuel, food to families who in turn grow food for a significant segment of one Mother Earth. One hundred percent (100%) of donations go to righteous charitable organizations like Aussie Helpers, Buy-A-Bail, Drought Angels towards the worthwhile causes they oversee in devastated areas. But the SA-NDI mission doesn’t stop there.

We are also determined to perform ‘I Can Almost Taste The Rain’ for a session of Parliament in the New Year as a heart-touching apolitical reminder that we are all one heart, one land – be it a challenged region, continent or planet. The support and visibility we can generate via the internet and social media adds weight with which to tip the scales. Change and progress can and do occur with the shared resolve of good people committed to make it happen. It just needs to be put out there far and wide for enough hearts to be touched.

The music we are creating is...
Since releasing our first album in 2006 Jac Dalton has gone through several recastings of the band – chapters of our never-ending process of becoming. 

During that metamorphosis, we’ve evolved from edgy-Keith-Urban-style-country-rock, to AOR, to melodic hard rock leaning farther and farther across the fence into the backyard where hard rock growls and moans. Members gracing the project each step of the way continue to push us all ever onward towards what Jac Dalton has the potential to be. Throughout these phases, however, one thing has remained consistent: the ‘reason’ for what we do. Music, to every member adding their note to the collective chord hasn’t for one of us been about sex, drugs and rock and roll – though some would argue that these are great tools of the trade! It has instead been about capturing and conveying certain worthwhile truths and realities about the journey through our music.

A review of our last album, PowderKeg, coined us our own sub-genre of rock – ‘PosRock’ - for just this reason. We’ve been fortunate to date with the attention we’ve received from songs aimed at sensitive issues like drought, child protection, 911. A song’s reason is its very soul - something absolutely essential when putting heart to paper – laying the groundwork for affect and, if we manage to strike the right chord - survival. The seeds of ‘I CAN ALMOST TASTE THE RAIN’ took root during the first drought I experienced shortly after arriving in Australia when devastated mates arrived at my door having just abandoned a property that had been their life for more than a century.

First attempts to help by establishing a national charity fell short, but nine years of resolve, lessons and stars aligning now position the Band with a real chance to succeed on behalf of a vast, proud, strong country in need of mates shouldering-up to the cause, not wanting handouts. It is our goal to get ‘Rain’ out there widely enough to generate adequate funds to make significant improvements for those whose livelihoods feed so many both here in this Great South Land and across the globe.

Right now we are...
Earlier this year we were the Cinderella act at the largest AOR Melodic Rock Festival in the UK (HRH – Hard Rock Hell). The success of that event and the respectable crowds we drew afterwards while playing at heritage concert venues pushed us across the threshold into the ‘A’ List of the EU market. Our return to Oz was supposed to be a quick turnaround for a series of North American festivals, however, as is the nature of ‘rock and roll’, life stepped-in the week we returned and pulled the band apart like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man. Good from bad though is that the new ‘family’ that replaces the former includes some of the most talented, committed, well-rounded, likeable showmen in the entire Oz rock catalog.

In the 4 months that Raf, Ty, Richie, Adrian and I have spent putting our space shuttle back onto the launch pad, we’ve already achieved some significant milestones - proof positive that when the right folks come together with the right reason at the right place at right time - extraordinary things happen. Concerts we lost earlier in the year have been replaced with even better ones. There’s a very good chance we’ll be doing our first US Tour in 2019. A follow-up to our 2018 UK visit has been confirmed for late February 2019 where we’ll launch the first of several EU Tours - performing with the likes of Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper) and Voodoo Vegas at a charity event called Cancer On The Rocks in Nantwich.

Our drought initiative – SA-NDI – at the time of submitting this – is one week old and already publicity from our heart-wrenching anthem and inspiring video is sprouting wings, as we’ve been invited to New South Wales in January to perform I CAN ALMOST TASTE THE RAIN for a conclave of 300+ politicians and councilmen representing the areas hardest hit. ‘Rain’ is the first song off our 4th Jac Dalton CD to be titled ‘IMMORTAL’. And we can’t wait to present the next single from it – an absolute ripper of a radio friendly rolic with plenty of tongue in cheek.

Prepare to be thoroughly entertained! Our wish for 2019 not just for ourselves, but for every member of the fraternity of music across the globe is sun shafts sifting through promising clouds all the way to the horizon.


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