Radio Host Jacqueline Jax Talks about the Benefits of launching a Single on Indie Radio Podcasts Today

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In the debate on singles vs albums there are several strategies to consider however one fact rings true. Artists today must be able to release more music and content to keep their music fans engaged or they will loose them to artists who are. 

We have gone through a huge change in the music industry in recent years and with the low cost of streaming and high thirst of music fans for more tunes to add to their playlists, artists are under extreme pressure to serve up more music than ever before. 

One of the most dramatic changes that I’m seeing is the breakdown of the album release format. 

That strategy has become more obsolete because listeners are consuming music on playlists instead of through traditional albums. 

The playlist has been the main point of discovery for indie artists today because it’s easy, free and highly sharable. 

Influencers are becoming curators for their own followings and that recommendation is moving and shifting many singles farther than they ever thought possible.

Let’s look at how a single can travel…

When you release one single and promote it on my station, I take that single and add it to the top 5 playlists I think it will be most at home on. 

Those playlists are then marketed to thousands of different people who will sift through them passively and save any songs on those lists to their own playlists.

Once shared, each one of those playlists continues to hit additional ears and have a chance of shifting down a funnel like a football being handled off from player to player. 

Should this shift happen quickly, Spotify sees the action as engagement and a significant rise in interest occurs. 

At that point, the single could be automatically added to a lower level playlist curated by Spotify where this funnel could put it once again into a motion pushing the single further alone until it hopefully garners enough plays to land a spot on the Holy grail of chart toping playlists. 

This is how giants are made and why it’s super important to gain both authentic plays on your single and focus on one launch at a time. 

When releasing an album, it can be very difficult for an artist to drive momentum and support for all the songs on the album using one small and new fan base. 

This is why it’s to their advantage to prepare early and set up the release of each single with a reputable distribution channel that has several diverse options for promoting singles in advance.

We designed a solid strategy for launching an artists latest single to give it full advantage against other more well known artists with large supportive fan bases.

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How are the indie artist handling this shift?

In response to new listener habits, musicians are writing and releasing their music at a much faster rate. 

Some are putting out shorter 6 song EP’s which get promoted at a rate of 1 single every 4 weeks and some artists are releasing a single every 2 weeks which equates to 24 singles a year.

Overall, there’s a pressure among them that if they wait too long to put out something new, they’ll lose fan interest and become irrelevant or forgotten. 

I also have an option that can help an indie artist stay in the eye line of music fans while they hustle to create more music. 

It’s called a Social Media push campaign.

Essentially it takes a previous release and lines it up for a social media marketing campaign that is intended to start a spin among fresh ears who probably missed it the first time around. 

The cost is low to run the campaign and the artist can choose the exact amount of weeks they need it to run as they prepare their next release. As a result, they now have a PR team pushing their inventory out across multiple playlists and social media pages for them. 

Thus far, it’s worked out really well and the strategy has allowed us to be on board with the artist and stay on board with them to until the new release goes into planning mode. 

As you can see our daily social stats are producing over 2 million impressions in a short cycle of just 3 days. That’s a lot of eyes on artists images, show segments and music links. Some of our social funnels can carry a single piece of content across a massive spider web of affiliates, fans and new listeners.

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In addition, we guide them on their content release strategy so they are able to benefit from our experience and push the pre-release content forward to help amp up the launch. 

It’s a win, win for indie artists who need help gaining exposure with more consistency and understand the value of working with a professional team.

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What are the benefits of Indie Podcast Radio Stations for artists today?

Podcasting has come a long way since the mid-2000s, when the medium was largely dominated by tech enthusiasts recording mp3s in their basements. 

Todays indie podcasts have hit the mainstream and the ones that started 10+ years ago are now hitting their stride after sticking out the struggles along the way. 

Indie podcasts have become so much more popular than traditional radio because they are more authentic and the hosts are much more accessible.  

Yesterdays radio personalities excluded diversity in content and other key relatable factors like color, gender and even sexual preference which felt stale and lacked influence. 

Todays podcast-obsessed millennials may have been the first to appreciate the audible nuggets of gold that uncensored independent podcasts brought to the table but they are no longer alone. We have seen a huge increase in our demographics this past few years spanning ages from pre-teens to seniors on all races, religions and income levels. 

It’s incredible to think of how our content is now being consumed and at such a large scale. 

I watch the numbers continue to rise from the minute an episode is published and then again for months after social media marketing and SEO has taken that piece of audio into it’s ever dimensional milky way of content.  The growth is reflective of so many things from the personalities hosting the shows to the content included. 

There is a listener for just about everything now but it’s still important to define yourself even if you have been around as long as we have.  You must always be in touch with your audience and stay relevant that’s why we  listen to our audience very closely and add programming that they crave and discontinue segments that just aren’t performing at the top of their cycle. 

It’s a constant shift and adjustments must be made quickly and with purpose in order to hold an audience. One shift in the wrong direction can really tank your numbers that’s where consistency and long time fan support can save you. They not only let you know when things aren’t right but they stick around and show up for you when you get back on track. 

When I play some music by a new artist, I can tell if that track is being received well by both the broadcast audience and social media.  The engagement and shares of any show always tell the real story. That’s one way i decide if an artist should get in deeper with us on a Behind The Music Segment and multiple New Music Segments. 

It’s a terrific jump start for any artist launching a new single or EP because the show already have over 10 years of listeners and credibility among the music industry in place. There’s nothing that can beat time in any relationship. People are going to keep trusting those who have never let them down and that’s one thing I’ve always focused on. 

I’m honest, I always show up and I never drop the ball on anything, even if it means I’m not going to sleep that night.  I don’t believe in excuses and I don’t expect anyone to be as passionate or dedicated to my job as I have to be. 

It’s just not a realistic expectation but there has to be at least one person that’s willing to keep the ball in the air at all times if you are going to make it in this business. Otherwise the game will move on without you.

Consistency is everything in all that you do. 

I hope to see you consistently listening to the shows and enjoying the artists we are discovering.

Jacqueline Jax
Radio Host and Entertainment Branding Specialist

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