Behind The Music with James T Wilde on his New Album & soul baring single 'A Life Half Lived'

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Band Name: James T Wilde
Song name: “A Life Half Lived”

Music Genre:: Alternative Rock/Contemporary Folk

I live in...: Leicester, UK

Link to play::

This song is about...
It's a song I wrote about reaching a crosswords in your adult life, kind of like an early 'mid life crisis' that a lot of 30 somethings these days probably go through & can relate, & coming to the stark realization that the 'comfortable, stable' life & foundations you've built for yourself is a lie, your career, relationship & direction you're heading isn't what you'd have chosen for yourself, & you find yourself being dragged in a direction you don't like, & sometimes you have to make the difficult, but ultimately right decision to kind of 'crash & burn' & then start from scratch to properly pursue your goals.

It's a situation I found myself in a few years ago; I was in a stifling relationship that was slowly going stale, causing me to slowly lose touch with most of my friends/family. My partner at the time wasn't supportive of my music goals which then ended up being compromised & left by the wayside.

I was stuck in a city bank job in Birmingham which I hated so much it made my skin crawl & caused me serious anxiety; then, within the space of a few months in late 2015/2016 I suddenly had the rug pulled from under me. I ended the relationship, had to move from my exes into my best friends' garage, then the person I fell for after finished things.

I lost my job & 'safety net' within a couple of weeks in early 2016 - but this then slowly allowed me to properly pursue my own happiness, life goals & musical ambitions; I'm also with someone new now who's 100% supportive of my music aspirations! The songs kind of about that 'wake up call' moment of realization that you've basically been living for everyone else except yourself, hence the title! :)


My music is...
a mix of Classic 70s & 80s Rock influences, contemporary folk, touches of acoustic soul & infused with lyrical influences from the 90s - 00s Britpop, & post Britpop era; artists & bands that most influenced me were the larger than life Rock & Pop icons of the 70s - 90s, with anthem choruses & unashamed power ballads & panoramic, poetic themes & romantic imagery; bands/artists like U2, Bon Jovi, Queen, Bowie, Elton, George Michael - & later on during my mid-late teens & formative years I was massively influenced lyrically by the Britpop, & 'post Britpop' era of the early noughties, especially those that infused the lyrical themes of their songs with subtle, observational comedy & dark humur reflecting on the everyday experiences, nightlife & daily struggles of the British 'everyman' & middle/lower classes, especially bands like Blur, Oasis, Pulp, Suede, Robbie Williams & later on the Kaiser Chiefs & Lily Allen!

I'm also more recently influenced by the British Nu Soul movement of artists like Adele, James Morrison, Sam Smith & Jack Savoretti, mixing classic Soul/Blues & folk influences & styles, with songs bearing their souls, & everyday heartbreak & relationship struggles, & highs & lows; being a typical 'old fashioned romantic' I can certainly relate to a lot of the heartbroken themes of Adele & Sam's biggest hits; something I've definitely embellished with my own songwriting, especially one of my latest tunes, "Slowly Breaking Heart!"

How do you think this release represents your current direction.. 
I'm really excited with the new direction my latest song, "A Life Half Lived" represents, although it does definitely explore a much darker, moodier, introspective aspect of my personality than I've previously delved into! Whereas some of my previous songwriting has been sometimes ever so slightly indulgent, & trying to be too 'clever' with humor, & witty turns of phrase about quirks of everyday mundane experiences to try to get a laugh/reaction from audiences, I tried to bare a bit more of my soul with this one; it was recorded & produced by Will, a Grammy Winning producer from London based Famous Company & I was really pleased with the direction he took the song in with the production & beats; I felt he took elements of Trip Hop with the beats, & hints of Nu metal & prog rock with some of the distorted effects, & the guitar solo was pure, unashamed classic rock; full on 'Slash on a mountain/cliff top!' The production on this song has encouraged me to be more open to mixing my 'classic/retro Rock' leanings with more experimental modern styles, & I'm going to start exploring more abstract, poetic themes in my songwriting! :)

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
Write music for the masses & the world, never just for yourself; music is a communal experience to be shared with everyone, & no one can relate to what you're writing, or trying to convey with your songwriting then there's no point. Music should never be self indulgent, but then to an extent you should also never completely compromise your own musical tastes for others - it’s a balance!

The music business…
needs a serious shake up & kick up the arse! Labels need to start taking risks again with talented bands/artists bravely experimenting with new sounds & styles, rather than force feeding the same homogenized crap down everyone's throats, like they did in the days of Pink Flloyd, Queen, Led Zep & more recently Radiohead; we need more musical pioneers willing to take risks!

Being a musician today: is like being a tiny, vulnerable tad-pole in an enormous pond! You're gonna get swallowed up if you don't strive to stand out! I Love to create music: Because I absolutely live, & thrive on the adrenaline that kicks in when I share & perform my originals to a crowd, & seeing the connection, smiles & drawing in members of an audience in with my stories of heartbreak, late night drunken abandon, lads holidays & road trips!


Interview: Episode #633: Behind The Music with James T Wilde on A Life Half Lived
James T Wilde speaks with Jacqueline Jax about his New Album and soul baring song, 'A Life Half Lived'. They speak about coping with life’s hurdles and how to rise to a new path when your current one isn’t the journey you had imagined for yourself. James also plays another song for us live on the broadcast for the first time. “Love of my life”.

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hanna_vox Yes definitely!! I can really relate

nycnewmusic I've absolutely been there was a time that had to happen to me, I was forced to make life changing decisions which ultimately saved me and changed my life for the better. Difficult, but ultimately necessary to become happier and to live the life you choose for yourself.

jacquelinejax I like the depth in your voice. There's alot of heart and expression is the warm tones yet you still manage great clarity on your vocals. Very chill to listen to.

jacquelinejax@nycnewmusic do you remember the day you knew you had to make a change?

jacquelinejax@hanna_vox what was your breaking point?

hanna_vox@jacquelinejax Standing at crossroads not knowing what to chose and the anxiety it creates!

mississippiriot Nice story to this

thecocoscott So glad you started over! I did something similar a few years ago and have never looked back :)


darinjellisonmusicI think a lot of people can relate to that story. It’s a cool combination of guitar badassery, expressive vocals, and thumping beats. Nice!

karisakay76Yes been there!! Just starting over myself!! Beautiful song!!

jamestwilde1Hey my lovelies! James T Wilde here, from Leicester, UK! :) Thank U all so much Hanna, nycnewmusic, jacqueline, mississipi, cocoscott, allysattic, darinjelli & Karisa for all Ur lovely comments & Likes, & I'm so glad so many of U can relate to the message, story & life experiences I was trying to convey with my song; it really means a lot, & when U write such a personal song about these kind of struggles it's kind of cathartic to know others have been through the same, many thanks all! :) Xxx

jamestwilde1If you'd also like to 'try before U buy' U can stream sample the WHOLE song first on my N1Music profile song player on: Like/Follow James T Wilde music on: FB: Website: Reverb: Love, peace & best wishes, James TW :) Xxx

avaliveradio@hanna_vox I agree. That’s always a tough one.

avaliveradio@thecocoscott tell us about your brave and bold transition.

avaliveradio@allysatticshow great to see you

avaliveradio@darinjellisonmusic I agree. He’s got a special combination together. Thanks for listening

avaliveradio@karisakay76 what has been your major hurdle in starting over so far?

avaliveradio@jamestwilde1 nice work on this James.

thecocoscott@avaliveradio oh boy... my husband had just a survived cancer, my corporate workplace had become toxic, and a long term stalker was making my life miserable. My husband and I decided to sell everything we owned and start over somewhere where the stalker couldn’t find us, and I dove head-first into music :)

karisakay76@avaliveradio It just really got nothing but better! I just let go and everything started falling into place. I do not stress anything anymore just find another angle or another opportunity I know what God has meant will be and if something does not work it was not meant. Surrender did nothing ,but make everything better!!

americanpridemagazineThis artists has been an interesting person to follow. He's unique and I like the messages in his work.

motogpri 😄👋

homerikofficial Great lyrics!🤘🙏❤️

thekristinmoura Love his lyrical style