Jax Daily Facebook Marketing Series

This 10 days special series gives you the best tips in easily digestible episodes that you can get started on today.


January 1
Jax Daily How to increase organic reach on Facebook in 2019

Tip 1: Publish more content that your fans actually want to see. Many public pages just publish once a week but I recommend posting a variety of content styles over the week. Optimal post reach can be received just once or twice a day. You can line up the posts for the week in facebook scheduler to see what kind of content people react to. Check your insights to see what people most engage with and start forming a list to keep you on track for 2019. Listen to the podcast today to understand how to know what to post when.


January 2
Jax Daily How to increase your post engagement on Facebook in 2019

Tip 2: Create a dialogue with people who may see your content by including a more enticing comment on your post. This is done by asking questions or telling a story. You can even say something observed about the image or video your posting about. I’m giving you a ton of awesome examples and specific instructions for you to get that engagement popping today on the podcast.

January 3
Jax Daily How to optimize your Facebook Page Post reach in 2019

Tip 3: Do you know who your speaking to? Look at the people who follow your page and engage with your posts by going to their page and reading what they post about. You can also learn alot about your fans in comments. If you spend the majority of your time speaking with people on each post, then the post does much better and you can utilize your time more wisely by commenting and sharing additional things right on comments. Insights is also a great place to see how your posts performed. Listen to todays podcast episode to find out how to use this information to start posting smarter content.

January 4
Jax Daily Why Some Post Types perform better on Facebook in 2019

Tip 4: Post Mico content that doesn’t link off the site. This is anything that condenses your content and keeps people in the feed. Think of how you scroll though the newsfeed and think about what you engage with. People don’t trust links as much as they used to and often they don’t want to leave a social media page to consume it so try to design the majority of your content be consumed right on the social media page. For instance: publish a video trailer that promotes your youtube videos rather than always just sharing your youtube videos on the page. You can still share a youtube video so it plays on the page but publishing directly to facebook will definitely give your music a boost into the newsfeed.

January 5
Jax Daily What you should never do on Facebook in 2019

Tip 5: There are so many mistakes that people make on facebook but here are some of the worst page killers. Posting the same link and photo’s over again. Not answering comments at all of fast enough. Always be social and active. Never let a comment go unanswered for more than a few hours. I like to stay on a social media page for 30 minutes after posting so I can give attention to my first responders. Those first responders are your super fans so don’t leave them hanging. Make sure you answer those comments. Ignoring messanger. Don’t let that be your dead zone. That’s where you can capture your audience onto email lists, nurture more supportive relationships and make sales. Stop linking off of facebook.

January 6
Jax Daily How to Gain More Followers on Facebook Quickly in 2019

Tip 6: Be consistent: Many people give up way to quickly. They post a few time and then stop. Facebook knows how much time you spend on the app so when you post and leave, they are actually least likely to show your content to the majority of your followers. Posting regularly and staying on the app to engage with people in the newsfeed, answer comments on previous posts, and being present on messenger tells the app that your an active user. All this activity boosts your posts and helps to qualify your account. Facebook also gives more credibility to the next post you publish after a successful post so try not maintain consistency and don’t stop posting once you have achieved some reach and activity.

January 7
Jax Daily How to Run a Facebook Post Test in 2019

Tip 7: The best posts to try on facebook: live stream on facebook, post video directly to facebook, images without links, selfies, statements and quotes, funny memes, questions, polls, and trending or popular videos shared on facebook. Look at trending posts on facebook for possible topics of conversation that could improve your engagement. This does require some trial and errors and make sure that your choice of topic aligns with your brand and page content.

January 8
Jax Daily How to Run a Facebook Post Test in 2019

Tip 8: Best times to post. Look at your page insights for a bump in your reach. Go to insights + posts+ look at post “Times” . Example: see the bump in reach happening at 7am and reaching it’s peak at around 12 pm. This shows a trend in when the audience on this page is most likely to be on facebook. If your only posting once a day, you would want to post just before the peak so when people get online your post will already be in the newsfeed and hopefully boosted from engagement with your super fans who are the most active with your posts. This is also why I organize engagement groups to help all of our artists organize free organic boosted post reach to help your post perform better on a consistent basis.

January 9
Jax Daily How to use stories on Facebook in 2019

Tip 9: Use facebook stories. Stories reach alot of people. Stories can be used to tell people about a new post happening on your page or just start a conversation with people who care enough to send you a message. Just be sure to answer those messages at least once a day and guide those people to something productive such as to support your latest video or tell then about something coming up. A comment in any form is a great opening to entertain someone who already likes you, don’t let them down. Give them something special to watch, do or have and tell them why they will like it. Always take action with purpose and value.

January 10 
Jax Daily How to Make your Posts more sharable on Facebook in 2019

Tip 10: Always offer value. You won’t get anything from anyone without first bringing extremely value continually to your fans. People like pages that are active, present and entertaining. Create a page that offers all those things that people like to see from you and you’ll grow organically and quickly with consistent efforts. If you feel this is too much for you to handle, then think about getting some help. Bands have many members that can take turns, solo artists have assistants, family members and friends that may be able to help you. You can also tell your followers that you’ll be live every monday and friday and then stay active on those 2 days a week. There are so many ways to give consistently. In addition, facebook allows you to preschedule posts and hootsuite also offers that feature so there is no excuse for not posting something daily at the best times. Then it’s just on you to show up.

Remember anything worth having is worth giving time and energy to. If you really want to build a community of people to support your business, music or projects this is the absolute best strategy to get that done. There isn’t any way around being active and engaged so if your willing to do that, then you’ll be able to build a terrific fans base of active fans.

Have fun and don’t forget to visit our pages to connect and share what you do.

Jacqueline Jax

Host of AVA Live Radio & Entertainment branding and marketing specialist