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Youtube Updates with Clickable hashtags
Youtube has had a few big updates: The video site giant has begun to incorporate hyperlinked hashtags above video titles on both its desktop site and mobile app. Shopping features, Edge to Edge thumbnails and Incognito Mode are already on the site.www.jacquelinejax.tv

Sunday July 22
Jax Daily Youtube premium keeps building it’s original programming

Today on Jax Daily, Youtube premium keeps building it’s original programming. The latest addition to Youtube premium, looks to non-native stars as it builds its original programming slate with Adam Levine signing on to produce an eight episode series titles Sugar, which will celebrate everyday people who have made an impact in their communities.

Jax Daily Youtube Kickstarts a 20 City Tour for the Dobre Brothers.
The Dobre Brothers, a YouTube quartet comprising twins Lucas and Marcus — as well as their older siblings Cyrus and Darius — are hitting the road this summer on a 20-city tour.

Jax Daily Changing trends in Pop Music.
Tides are changing and the industry is seeing a drop in electronic music. Could this be phasing out? Find out what's shifting and how you can get to be first to the table of this transition. Signup for my newsletter:www.musicmarketinginsider.com


Jax Daily Are songwriters making money in the streaming age?
First and foremost, we need fair payment and transparency for songwriters — understanding where their music is being played at all times and having a real-time feed of revenue streams. We have the technology for it now. 
Find out how to build your career as a songwriter.www.jacquelinejax.tv



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