Jax Daily Top Social Media Influencers of 2018

Jax Daily Youtuber Logan Paul is Worth 13 Million

Are you curios to know why Youtube creator Logan Paul is worth 13 millions? I have all the dish about this Youtube creator and how his career is changing big time.


Jax Daily How Facebooks Laura Clery Got 3 Million Followers in a year

Like many prominent online influencers, Laura Clery didn’t plan to be anything like an online influencer when she started her career. But her path to fame might be even more indirect and unlikely than most who’ve become part of the “millionaires club” of influencers with huge followings.


Jax Daily Building a music brand

Jax Daily Building a music brand and how to establish a solid monetization strategy for 2019. Music by Daphne, Joan Mercury and Ela Dawn.


Jax Daily Vidcon Supports Emerging Youtube Creators

In June, during his keynote address to conclude the ninth annual VidCon, event co-founder Hank Greenunveiled the Emerging Creator Grant Program, whereby the Viacom-owned convention pledged to distribute $2,000 to emerging creators weekly over the course of one year. And now, VidCon has announced the first class of recipients of the nationwide program, which has just gone live. The 13 initial recipients were hand-selected by Green in collaboration with the VidCon production team, and the lineup features both familiar faces and nascent YouTube creators who are relatively new to the scene.


Jax Daily Youtube Creators Left in Limbo After Defy Media Shutdown

Defy Media’s abrupt shutdown this week left upward of 200 now former employees and contractors without jobs on little to no notice, and it also affected another group of individuals who previously relied on the digital media company to cut them checks. Between 40 and 50 YouTube channels that were partnered with Defy’s multichannel network (MCN) are stranded in monetary limbo, according to sources familiar with the matter.