Jax Daily Weekly Rundown September 23 - 29

The Daily Jax is an an audio and video podcast about social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship that is built around audience participation. Listeners send in questions on Twitter using the #JAXDAILY hashtag and host Jacqueline Jax uses them as the basis of each episode’s discussion spanning across Music business topics, marketing and social media influence. 

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September 24
Jax Daily Facebook Smart Speaker Portal

Looks like Facebook is jumping into the speak space. Even though they already play a significant role in our everyday lives through Facebook itself, Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp the company is becoming even more powerful with a speaker called Portal.

September 25:
Jax Daily Facebook Update That Will Help You Find New Fans

Facebook is about to let all facebook pages interact with groups. This means that you will find it much easier to grow your following. I’ve got the latest news and how you can start using it to best build your brand on facebook.

September 26:
Jax Daily 5 Ways to Post Amazing Content on Instagram

Do you want to capture a wider audience, I have some great tips for creating professional instagram content that people can’t help but follow. More instagram tips on my website: www.Jacquelinejax.tv

September 27:
Jax Daily Is instagram still the best social media app?

Looks like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has his sights on Instagram now that he lost all the younger generation on facebook. So what's going to happen? Find out today. Tips for social media marketing: www.musicmarketinginsider.com

September 28:
Jax Daily Will Smith Jumps for Charity on Youtube

Looks like Will Smith has realized that if your not on social media, you’re not relevant. Listen to his Jump for charity and what’s happening on his youtube channel. 

Sunday September 29
Jax Daily The Best Way to Promote Your Music in 2018

Do you have great music but don’t know how to promote it? Do you wish you had a loyal audience who would listen to your music over and over again? Do you feel that your music marketing is lacking nuance and impact? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Get on my newsletter: www.musicmarketinginsider.com 


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