New Jazz Funk Release Conviction ft Freddi Lubitz by d'Z

Artist: d'Z

New Release: Conviction ft Freddi Lubitz

Genre: Melodic Groove Jazz-Funk

Located in: : Arnhem, Gelderland, The Netherlands

d'Z is the artist name of Dutch drummer, composer, producer Hans-Peter de Zeeuw. Being influenced for many years by many styles and genres such as Gino Vannelli, Steely Dan, Incognito, Prince, Tower of Power, d’Z’s musical heart landed on the shores of Groove-Jazz City.


In 2018, he decided to make a record by choosing some original music to make his entry in the music industry. All tunes from his debut album have different vocalists (Katie Léone -Incognito, The Brand New Heavies), Sandra St. Victor -Chaka Khan, Prince, The Family Stand, among others) which gives the music a wide variety to listen to. Since the release, many radio stations around the globe (UK, US, Australia, South-Africa) play the music regularly on their shows.

The music of d'Z stands out when it comes to horn arrangement, real-life musicians playing real instruments, high-quality recordings, and positive energy. Conviction is the first single of d'Z's debut EP and is about the thoughts we can have to limit ourselves. d'Z states that the quality of life depends on our convictions. What do we believe? Do we choose to live our lives based on fear or love? Scarcity or abundance? Although the song may have some critical remarks, it's also a feel-good tune, which leaves a smile on your face.

The music that d'Z creates can be best described as Melodic Groove Jazz-Funk with positive Soul vibes. From the early start of songwriting, this was the musical direction d'Z had in mind.

Since 4 out of 5 songs of his debut EP can be heard on radio shows around the globe, and 2 of them are featured in the indie charts, there's no doubt this producer/songwriter is on the right track.

Right now, besides being a busy drum teacher, a freelance drummer, and composer for clients who want music for their video advertising, d'Z is prepping for recording new material. It is intended to head to the recording studio in 2020 and release original songs sung by a variety of fantastic vocalists.