New Music Just Released from J.B. Skyye 'From The Dark Side'

J.B. Skyye ava.jpg

Artist: J.B. Skyye
New Release: From The Dark Side
Genre: Indie pop

J.B. Skyye is a singer-songwriter in the Los Angeles area. Featuring layered vocals and dark pop stylings, she is currently writing her debut album.

I think making good music is all about authentic human emotion. We go through the world suppressing so much but when you hear music that moves you it can heal a lot.

J.B. started singing from a young age and was blessed to encounter numerous musically-minded people who either by profession or by choice taught her to love many styles of music including Jewish hymns, classical music, opera, blues, gospel, soul, and rock. The experiences of her childhood and adolescence have shaped the singer she is today and have, more importantly, allowed her to appreciate the infinite connectivity of all music. Incorporating elements of blues, indie pop, and soul, J.B. Skyye's unique writing style and ethereal vocals make her stand out in today's music scene. She is currently writing her first EP in addition to lending her voice to various projects.



JacquelineJax: J.B has really reached far beyond her own expectations here with her music. The sound is intense and in combination with her musical choices I think the release is both relevant and impactful. A stone first move from the artist. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

carmentoth111That’s some good #darkpop 🤘🏻💜

mississippiriotPowerful but well controlled vocal and nicely produced

gypsy4evermusicThat is so beautiful, vocals and very out of the box music.

thekristinmouraI love darkpop

avaliveradio@thekristinmoura it’s interesting and nice to listen to with a glass of wine and a chill vibe

avaliveradio@gypsy4evermusic I think so as well. She’s created something inspiring.

avaliveradio@mississippiriot I agree. That’s a great insight.

avaliveradio@carmentoth111 nice thanks for supporting this budding new talent.

karisakay76Her voice is soft yet powerful that’s a unique combo!!

nycnewmusic@jacquelinejax thanks for sharing, sounds great and so creative too. 👏🏻👏🏻👍

theofficialniffGreat voice